Crazy Patchwork Creations

Today was the day that some of the members of the group went crazy patchworking with Robi Thomas

There were a variety of things being made – needlecases, sewing bags and cushion covers and some fabulous colour combinations

Corinne was busy with turquise and red….

whilst Keris had started her piece of work off with a lovely Indian fabric and was using some of her batiks for contrast.

Jaci was using brightly coloured batiks for her needlecase

And Mary had chosen some lovely autumn colours for her piece of work

Jan and Caroline were in a blue mood

Kerry was using a brilliant combination of modern fabrics for her cushion cover

whilst Maggie’s cushion cover was being created with vintage fabrics

Sally was busy using lace and fabric which belonged to her grandmother – she plans to make a cushion for her mother’s bed. This photo certainly doesn’t do Sally’s work justice

As well as teaching Robi was also helping to put the eyelets in fabric journals that had recently been made at one of her workshops

And she was very impressed with the ‘bloody good’ case that we have for the eyelet machine!


Variety is the Spice of Life

Today, as is usual with our group, there was a wide variety of work in progress and completed….

a colourful array of letters waiting to be appliqued in place

cross stitch and embroidery

And, quilts in the making and completed

Brenda made this beautiful quilt from scraps – all hand sewn and quilted

Jeannie was making a triangle quilt and showed the group a quilt that she had made to take to the States – colourful is Jeannie’s trademark!

Kerry showed a quilt that she was making – beautifully constructed both back and front

Corinne was busy making the label for this sweet little baby quilt

And Salinder had brought in an antique whole cloth quilt – oer 100 years old and in beautiful condition

Chris Dobson is away at the moment celebrating a special birthday at every opportunity! She was thrilled when she received this awesome cake from a friend in Tenby which came complete with a postcard

We hope that our guests Mary and Maggie enjoyed their first visit to the group and we look forward to seeing them again in the future

Busy Painting Bondaweb

At yesterday’s Dyeing to Paint session we experimented with painting bondaweb which was used to create some small pieces of work to be enhanced with free machine embroidery.

After a good scrunch the bondaweb was painted – many with metallic acrylics. It was then chopped and applied to a felt or fabric to make an abstract work of art. Some also applied sweet papers and foil to give a bit of extra shimmer!


All that was left to do then was to take it home, cover it with organza and apply some free machine embroidery to finish it off. Salinder is already on the case!

In addition to an abstract Sally created some beautiful fish with her bondaweb

Whilst many were beavering away on the bondaweb others were experimenting with procion dyes and Fiona was busy working with Indian print blocks which were looking fab

Looking forward to seeing some finished pieces soon!

She Sews Sea Shells!

Today’s Cutting Edge meeting was as busy as ever with members busy working on current projects and eager to show work that they had recently completed.

And we were pleased to welcome three visitors to the group today – Alison, Kerry and Janet. It is lovely to greet new people and see some of the lovely work that they are producing.

Work for the groups exhibition in Tapestri cafe is coming on well.

Monica is embellishing a wall hanging made from panels that are entitled She sews Sea Shells – it seems very apt for our sea themed exhibition

Fiona showed some pieces of work that she will be entering. The porthole is so inventive – made with painted vilene and painted bondaweb! And she created the beautiful fish wall hanging at a Hilary Beattie workshop.

Having now exhausted the sea she has moved onto a textured landscape inspired by Wendy Dolan – fabulous!

Sally is busy working on a piece for the exhibition which also features portholes….

Following our recent workshop we have a wonderful collection of fabric postcards – around 40 – so today we laid out the background fabric to decide how best to show them

Visitor Kerry showed a beautiful quilt that she has recently completed – an excellent finish on both sides!

Truda showed a quilt that she has made from scraps – and pointed out that her scrap bucket looks no different now to when she started!

Jan was busy basting a quilt together which she hopes to have finished for the Swansea Festival of Stitch Quilt Expo

Jan and Sally were also busy deconstructing pieces of work at one point!

Amanda has finished her fabric journal – and there was a request to have another workshop. But we decided that in September anyone who is interested can join a group at monthly meetings to make them. This way people can work at their own pace and share stash and ideas

And finally, Lesley Anne showed the group a lovely little cushion that she has made

And in addition to all of the above we had a stash of fabric, haberdashery and books for members to wade through. We are thrilled to report that we raied £120 for Sands (stillbirth and neonatal death) charity!

Rather an industrious and very enjoyable day. Thanks to everyone for their enthusiasm and support of our various activities – which is always very much appreciated!

Going with The Flow…..

There was no specific theme to today’s Dyeing to Paint which meant that there was a blank canvas for creativity – and as ever, there were some amazing pieces of work produced.

Fiona brought along some wonderful postcards that she had made for the Tapestri cafe exhibition

And, having exhausted the sea theme she is moving on to experimenting with other ideas. She printed and stencilled on this piece of fabric and over dyed with procion dye which produced a vibrant piece of fabric

Monica also had a go with procion dye. this piece was first stencilled with opaque fabric paint and then overdyed with procion dye

Jan was busy experimenting with a Gelli plate

and had some beautiful pieces of fabric that she had printed on the computer from photos. They will look amazing when they have been stitched into – watch this space!

She is also busy making a collage and after chatting with isobelle she has backed her paper photos with vilene -which has enabled her to stitch and complete her project – well done both – great collaboration and sharing of knowledge and skills.

Liz brought along a piece of work that she has recently completed. It was started when we bought the Wendy Dolan textured landscape book and she has certainly done herself proud with this finished piece. It will certainly be included in the Tapestri cafe exhiibition!

Today she painted a wonderful piece of fabric and a fishy piece!

Sally also printed some amazing fish with a hand made stencil

Keris had bought some die cuts on her recent travels which she was determined to make work on fabric – which turned out to be a success.The neat cut was achieved by applying heat and bond to the back of the fabric before putting it through the Sissix machine

Fran was busy drawing poppies…..

And Glynis was producing some beautiful flowers

We also welcomed two special visitors today. Alison joined us to have a go and did a grand job experimenting with the paints…. and the hairdryer!

And baby Digby dropped by to say hello! Having parents as artists he was more than intrigued with what was going on!

As ever, a brilliant day of creativity and banter. Looking forward to more of the same next month.

Fabric Books – Day 2

Today we met for the second workshop to complete our fabric books. As expected not many had been completed but we had a wonderful day working towards our goal

And Robi helped us on or way by punching the holes for the coptic stitching of the cord

Star of the show was Amanda who completed her book. Well done Amanda – we now look forward to seeing more in the coming months!

A huge thank you to Robi for sharing her time and expertise. We are looking forward to seeing Robi again on 15 May for a crazy patchwork workshop

And lovely to greet Ann White to spend the day with us. we hope you enjoyed your day

Completed books will be posted here soon – not to be missed – they will be stunning and certainly something to cherish

Wish You Were Here!

The sun was shining, the temperature rising and we were all on a mission to sew – postcards! Though there was a flurry of activity on lots of other projects…

Jan had been making bags to put all her sewing tools in

Corinnne had been busy making a baby bag with changing mat for a relative

Glynis had been making dolls for Ty Hafan – well done eveyone!

And, at show and tell there was a wealth of lovely work to enjoy viewing

The Project Linus quilt has now been completed along with a bag to keep it in

Jeannie showed a beautiful quilt that she has recently completed – made from silk and shot cotton. She is sending it to be exhibitied at the 2018 Festival of Stitch at NEC

She also showed a small hanging of a fish that will be exhibited in our exhibition in the Tapestri cafe in August. This quilt has also been exhibited at the NEC Festival of Quilts

Truda brought a quilt along to show which will be included in our exhibition at Tapestri cafe

And Pat handed in 2 lovely pieces for the exhibition

Sally showed a lovely quilt that she is completing

Monica showed a quilt that she had made from scraps

Corinne and Salinder had also been busy making small wall hangings

And Rosie and Janet handed it two lovely pieces of work for the Swansea Festival of Stitch silent auction which will take place on 21 April

Last, but certainly not least are the beautiful array of postcards some of which were created at last weeks workshop and others that have emerged since.

A huge thank you to everyone who has given their support to our various projects and we look forward to seeing much wonderful work at next month’s show and tell