Viewing Embroidery at St Fagan’s

Today members of Cutting Edge visited St Fagan’s to view some of the museums embroidery work – and oh my word what a wonderful time we had! Elen, the curator selected pieces that gave a wonderfful insight into costumes of the past. There were men’s waistcoats delicately embroidered with flowers. Some completed and which had obviously been worn. Others in the making. How could you do all that embroidery and then not finish it???

This 1660 piece of stump work below was incredible and so well preserved

The gloves from 17th century were exquisite – tiny birds and animals hand stitched with fine threads

This panel is thought to be an 17th century chair back.

…. and this a pelmet from above the bed

So many stunning things to examine and our tour wasn’t over yet. Elen then took us to the textile department in the storeroom to view some of the huge range work stored there. Cross stitch samplers (some done by 8 year olds!), celebration handkerchiefs and tapestries

And on the way we came across coracle boats, walking sticks, weaving looms, harps….

dolls houses


the Vulcan pub sign!

….and a beautiful 18th century gown, created in silk from Spitalfields in London – stunning and what a privilege to be able to get up close

How lucky we are to live so close to such a fabulous museum where we can enjoy the exquisite craftsmanship of the past- a HUGE vote of thanks to curator Elen Phillips for making the day so special and memorable for us all!

Time to start thinking about what we can view another time!

A Make Do & Mend Sort of Day!

Well, it might have been dark and miserable outside today but inside the atmosphere was positively glowing. And, as ever we had lots of lovely work to admire – particularly around our theme of Make Do & Mend

There was a table overflowing with some beautiful pieces of work…. and a pram waiting to be renovated. You will be pleased to know that we now have a plan – so watch this space

Amanda brought in a wonderful piece of work focused on pigeon post and featuring an authentic pigeon feather obtained from the pigeon society.

She was also busy today making a boro bag

Caroline was busy making a whole cloth cot quilt on recycled sheet which fellt beautifully soft to touch

Truda showed an amazing lap quilt that is work in progress. It is made from vintage fabrics and embroidered cloths. She has also made a lovely fabric picture featuring a little cross stitch robin

Frances brought in a beautiful collage made from vintage materials

And a book about feedsack secrets – fashion from hard times and a panel that she bought in the USA

Janet had made cushions from wool blankets and Sorrento furnishers off cuts – coordinated with embroidery

And Jan emptied out her Mary Poppins bag to reveal a Christmas tree skirt, a quilt that she had incorporated some old fabric crackers into, her advent calendar and some lovely felt birds that she made for the 12 days of Christmas – more to come we assume?

Kerry also showed three quilts that were made from fabric scraps

Pat, Janet and Rosie were quietly beavering away in the corner . Janet and Rosie were making quilts for Project Linus using fabric scraps from their stash

Julie was busy working on an embroidered dragon and showed an exam piece that she had done for the Embroideres Guild

Fiona is obviously on a mission with her floral theme – and had made a fab lampshade

And was busy working on some wonderful floral pieces. She failed t mention that she had made the tunic and matching scarf that she was wearing!

Finally Dawn brought in some vintage pieces to show and Rosie had brought in a child’s Vulcan sewing machine that she found in a charity shop last week – what a find and so appropriate for our theme. It hardly needs saying but we will have to have a an exhibition later in the year to showcase all the beautiful work that has been done by our very talented group. Well done everyone!

Dyeing to Paint the New Year in!

Dyeing to Paint reconvened on Monday 6 January with a small group eager to catch up for a chat after the festive break…..and eventually some creativity!

It was lovely to welcome Steph Gavin , who dropped by to see what we get up to. She enjoyed having a play with the Koh-i-Norr paints, seeing what others get up to and plans to return – which is great. We look forward to seeing her.

Steph experimenting with the Koh-i-Noor colour palette

Fiona – as always – was on a mission craeting a vision in green, painting background layout paper which we suspect will feature soon in some lovely completed work of art. We did notice as well that she had her favourite paint roller by her side!

Fiona – a vision in green!

The Koh-i-Noor palette was popular. Liz decided that she would have a go with them and produced some lovely stencilled pieces of fabric

Dawn was also using stencils and produced some lovely clear images

Maggie was experimenting with the gelli plate over a previouly stencilled piece of fabric – which worked very well

And Monica tried out the gelli plate with stencils – which she then overlaid and highlighted with markel stiks. The images are created on layout paper which can be sewn into – something new to try!

She also tried out her new parrot Indian wood block – bought on a recent trip to St Andrews – and which reminded her of the green parrots in the gardens of the Taj Mahal

Keris couldn’t put her hands on her Dyeing to Paint bag after the Christmas festivities but ever resourceful brought her Christmas cards to recycle for next year. And how fabulous they look too!

And Corinne continued with her little mixed media book, which now includes little cut outs from a 1992 M&S diary that she found on the shelf at home – and which go perfectly with the theme of her book

The usual informal and creative day at Dyeing to Paint that we have come to know and love. And so much more to come!!!!!

A Festive Meet and Dine!

Our December meeting not only demonstrated the groups sewing talents but also a talent for producing a delicious festive lunch!

But before lunch there was opportunity to finish off Christmas projects and to enjoy seeing projects recently completed

There were a number of Christmas decorations being made…..

Sally, who is in the picture, was making Nordic stars for a reunion event. Caroline was making decorations from hexagons and Janet was making a lovely fabric decoration embellished with buttons.

Janet had completed her red work bunting

And Sue was well on her way with hers

Kerry was also busy making bunting from a kit she had bought overseas

Mary was making lovely peg doll fairies

Truda was making lovely felt birds (the picture doesn’t do them justice!)

And Keris was making a stocking for a grandchild

Some had moved on from Christmas and there were a variety of lovely projects on the go

Fiona was focused on embroidering painted flowers

Dawn was using prints that she had done at Dyeing to Paint to learn embroidery stitches – under the expert guidance of Truda

She had also brought in her dinky Singer sewing machine for everyone to take a peek at

And Monica had been experimenting with Inktense pencils and stencilled organza on a vintage cloth

There were also some lovely pieces of completed work at Show and Tell

Frances brought along another two of thirteen quilts that she had recently completed

Corinne had finished her Christmas tree from last year

Janet had completed a Polar Bear project

Dilys, along with others who had contributed, was thanked for her input into the embroidered tablecloth which is part of the Make Do & Mend project. It is progressing well and there is not too much left to do. A suggestion was made that those who had done some of the sewing should embroider their name on the edge of the cloth. This will be done in the New Year

A Make Do & Mend Show and tell is also planned in January and members are encouraged to bring along anything they have made in the last year from recycled or scraps of fabric

Yet another wonderfully creative day with oodles of delicious dishes to soothe the soul. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to make it such and enjoyable and memorable event.

Wishing everyone a happy and joyful Christmas and looking forward to more of the same in the New Year!

Final Fling Before Christmas

Another lovely day at Dyeing to Paint with Christmas still a popular theme!

Rosie was busy making cards for her grand children – with lots of sparkle!

And Fiona was on a mission making wrapping paper – a labour of love for that special gift for that special person!

And Dawn treated us to some yummy mince pies made by her husband on a very special wicker tray made by Dawn!

Whilst Christmas was definitely in the air there were others busy working on various interesting projects

Jan was trying out a new Sissix Die Cut using tweed fabrics and then she moved on to a 12 days of Christmas project

Keris and Corinne were continuing to fill the pages of their mixed media books – love the birds!

Dawn was busy perfecting the use of Indian Wood Blocks and stamps – with great success

And, Caroline was trying out a new Indian wood block

Pat was busy on another piece of work using her Inktense pencils. Below is a piece that she has finished with free machine embroidery

And Monica was trying out the Brusho paints – which seem to be quite vivid on paper

All entwined with the usual banter and cheer!

Merry Christmas everyone!

A Feast of Treats!

Today’s Cutting Edge Session was busy with a stash sale, new projects underway, work in progress, and an opportunity to view completed works of art and a vintage quilt. What variety to feast your eyes on!

A highlight on arrival was the wonderful stash of fabric for sale brought to the group by Roger Stead (husband of Pam – who was the inspiration behind, and founder of CE. It reminded many of us of the quilts that Pam created – full of vibrant colour! Roger was raising money for the British Heart Foundation and was thrilled that, as a result of your generosity, £497 was raised. A HUGE thank you to everyone who gave their support – it was very much appreciated.

Hillary Hill brought a quilt in that she found in her mother’s possession and was looking for advice and help. And the group was aghast when they saw it. Older perhaps than Hillary thought and made from silk – thanks to the keen eye of Jeannie. The back of the quilt revealed paper pieces that looked rather old – with dates of 1738 on the paper and reference to a Mayor of Chester. Hillary was advised to contact St Fagan’s and the Welsh Quilt Centrr.

Work in progress included the Christmas project’s started on Member’s Day. It was great to see that many of them were not far off being complete – and they were all so different because of the different fabrics and techniques that had been used.

Julie was focused on Make Do & Mend – using scraps of denim and tweed fabrics

Liz’ calendar was looking very colourful

Caroline L’s calendar looked like a medieval village and the fabric for the roof tops was inspirational

And Elaine’s was close to the finishing line – she was putting the binding round the edges!

Chris was well on her way with the 12 days of Christmas

Corinne and Keris had finished their little tree wall hangings

And it was lovely to see so many finished fabric coiled bowls – well done folks – they are fab!

Since the summer Frances has completed 13 quilts – she brought three to show us – which were stunning

Monica had made Christmas cards and showed a Santa made from a plastic bottle – no sewing required!

Kerry was busy basting a quilt together ready for some of her spectacular quilting

And Amanda was busy working on a project that she started with Deborah O’Hare at Dyffryn Gardens

we are so lucky to have such talent in the group and to be able to enjoy so many wonderful pieces of work!

A Little Bit of This and a Little Bit of That!

Today’s Dyeing to Paint was, as always, varied – some painting and printing, some sewing and a new interest in the Sissix machine – probably because Christmas is on the way!

Fiona was using her Gelli plate and stencils on layout paper and plans to stitch into the images

Janet and Pat were also experimenting with layout paper

And Pat was using her Inktense pencils on fabric and paper

Mary was making Christmas cards using musical paper that she had printed off the computer and the robin stamp = which is very popular

Isobelle was busy drawing

Rosie was creating gingerbread men which is destined to become bunting

And Corinne and Keris were progressing with their little books

Meanwhile Liz and Jan were quietly beavering away in the corner sewing. Liz was focused on finishing her fabric coiled pot and Jan was busy working on her advent calendar

Another lovely day of creativity – well done folks!