Book Covers for Quilters Guild Tombola

At the Festival of Quilts, which is being held between 8 – 11 August at the NEC in Birmingham , visitors will have a chance to win a gorgeous Bookwrap creation.

However, in order to make this happen the Bookwrap Gems team at the Quilter’s Guild is inviting people to make and donate a bookwrap which will help raise funds for the Quilt Museum in York.

These fabric covers or wraps for notebooks, diaries, address books etc. are easy to make and can be made using very little fabric.

They are a brilliant way of using those UFOs in your cupboard or a safe way of experimenting with techniques you fancy trying, very little is wasted even if it goes wrong!

Try out different fastenings:

Button tabs  / elasticated band rouleau loops  / ties  / magnets  / ties wound round buttons  / wrapped threads with beads  / suspender fastenings  / toggles  and many more!

Experiment with all the stitches your sewing machine will do, go mad with amazing threads in your bobbin, a Bookwrap is really just an excuse to have a ball!

There is no requirement to include a notebook when you send your Bookwrap, but you need to make it to fit a standard sized notebook. e.g. A6, A5.

You can also find ideas and patters on our Bookwrap Gems website  which showcases the Bookwraps as they are donated.

Once finished put a slip of paper in the Bookwrap with your name on it and send it to:

Bookwrap Gems, 103 Desborough Road, Rothwell, Northants NN14 6JQ


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