Mothers of Africa Quilt Project

Some members of a Cutting Edge might remember Maggie Cullinane visiting the group to talk about the Mothers of Africa Charity. And, from that talk a couple of the group made panels for a quilt that was being made to raise funds. The quilt was completed but rather than raffling it, it was donated to the charity so that it could be used to raise awareness. Although it was not raffled £1,300 was raised for the charities work.

The project has now moved on to the next stage.

The plan is to make more quilts to send out to Africa for distribution to hospitals and communities. In the longer term there is an aspiration to send packs of squares out to Africa for the women to make up and sell themselves. So what initially started as as a one-off summer project is now a permanent initiative. Whether you work in a primary school or a university, are a member of a Textiles group or just an individual with a love of fabric, you are all welcome to join in. Even if you have no artistic flair, or creative skills, you can still donate a plain or patterned piece of fabric. Everything will be gratefully received, and you can get your family and friends to sponsor your contribution and send it along.

A blog has been set up ( It gives details of the background of the project as well as a brief for anyone wishing to contribute. and share with all your friends and contacts. There is also a text to donate facility (text MOAQ99 £2 to 70070)

There will be a launch night in Llandaff when all the quilts made to that date will be exhibited. The event will be by invitation, but we will keep the exhibition open for a week afterwards, which will coincide with the Cardiff School of Art and Design summer show, so if you visit the campus you will be able to see the students’ work as well

For more information, or to get involved email


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