50th Anniversary Quilt

Cutting Edge members Hilary, Monica and Pam have set the wheels in motion to make a wall hanging to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lakeside Primary School in Cardiff, where a good friend of theirs is deputy headteacher.

On Friday 8 March they went to the school to explain the project to the children and to ask for their help in it development.


The plan is to construct panels that record key features of the decades from the 60’s to the present day. The children, with their teachers, will provide paper designs which will then be transferred onto fabric. The pupils role will be to finish the panels off by adding detail and embellishments.

After explaining the project Hilary, Pam, Monica and Clare, a friend who is also helping, took a walk around the school to see some of the wonderful artwork that the children and their teachers have produced.

wall hanging

The piece of artwork below reflects the work of the knitting group, which is amazing! What talented children.


The next stage of the project is for the children to make their paper designs – we will keep you posted on progress



  1. Caroline

    What a fabulous project this will be – adventurous and bold to work with the little people at Lakeside. Your assembly was brilliant, sorry we didn’t have more time though.

    • Monica Dennis

      It will certainly be adventurous and bold but we are confident that the little people at Lakeside will come up trumps!

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