Our First Anniversary!

Cutting Edga started just a year ago and in that time we have grown to the extent that we needed to move to a larger hall. And, our first meeting in Ystradowen Village Hall seemed to be enjoyed by everyone!

First off we welcomed two new members, Brenda and Carol and then we got to work on exploring how to make gift boxes from wall paper and old greetings cards.

Sandra led the demonstration
Sandra showing card boxes

and others quickly followed!
Sandra and Brenda

And then Seamus, Cowbridge Stitch & Bitch’ elf mascot, who dropped in to say hello, showed off the finished products. And very stylish he thought they were too!
Seamus at Cutting edge

Everyone was beavering away throughout the day.

Jeannie was busy working on her quilt, but we were all more interested in her sewing machine – the most dinky little Singer
Jeannie on Singer

which is stored in this wonderful box
Singer store box

And comes with the most amazing set of instructions!
singer instruction book

After giving Monica some stick over her box making Jeannie settled down to her latest quilt project.
Jeannie quilting

I wonder if it was as warm in Pencoed as it had been when she set out in her shorts, T shirt and flip flops this morning?

Monica drew everyone’s attention to the prayer flag that Deborah O’Hare showed at Glamorgan Quilters last weekend and suggested that Cutting Edge could make one. Monica showed the one that she had made
prayer banner

The good news – some of the group were willing to go along with Monica’s mad idea – so keep an eye out for how it is progressing!

All in all, we celebrated our first anniversary in style! Looking forward to more of the same next month – we hope that you can all make it.


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