Dyeing in the Heat!

On a hot and sunny day the painting group met again to explore more techniques in painting fabrics. A suggestion was made to experiment with mono-printing and using transfer paints to transfer art work from paper to fabric.

So, as well as having fun and enjoying a good gossip we managed to create some brilliant pieces of work.

Fran led the way with the mono – printing, making sure that everyone acknowledged that they would need to iron their fabric before getting engrossed in the process.

She produced a lovely iris, which we are sure Fran will turn into something amazing when she has worked her sewing machine magic on it!

Frans flower

We couldn’t understand why Fiona had an empty wine bottle with her. She had either drunk the wine on the way – and she did mention that she had trouble remembering where we were meeting – or she had a plan. Fortunatley, it was the latter! The wine label had a hen on it and Fiona was on a mission to re-produce it on her fabric, which she did – and it looked amazing!

Fiona's chicken

Irene, who said that she was ‘new to all this’, produced a lovely flower and went on to experiment with different textures throughout the day. With her practical hat on she also created a lovely drying facility on the wall outside the hall.


As you have probably noticed there is a floral theme going on – mainly because Fran brought in some excellent books to work from.

This is one that Frances created

Frnaces flowers_edited-1

And this is Monica’s piece of floral art work

Monica;s flowers

Having exhausted the flowers and mono printing some moved on to experimenting with the transfer paints

Monica used them for the background and then emphasised the shapes and added colour using fabric crayons

Monica's paitning

And, Isobelle did a background on satin fabric and then overlaid with a wooden print block

Irene's writing

All in all, a productive day and lots of enthusiasm and ideas for next month.


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