Lakeside Primary School Wall Hanging is Progressing Well

Today, the Lakeside Primary school’s 50th anniversary wall hanging moved another step towards being completed, thanks to a great group of friends.

With adult help the children completed the decade panels before the end of the summer term – which meant that the wall hanging could start to be assembled.

Thanks to Hilary, who is very organised and had a plan, everyone got going on the various sections.

Monica and Clare started to assemble the community panels for the top of the quilt and soon drew Jess in – who is a bit of an artist- to help with the task. Jackie kept an eye on things for quality assurance of course!

Jackie and Jess

Clare painted some fab music notes with glitter glue and then realised she had to dry them – which was a bit tedious but she smiled all the way through – so that was ok!

Clare with hairdryer

And before long, as if by magic, the community panels were complete!

Lesotho community panel

Hilary had already done a great deal of work on the central panel so Isobelle got to work adding the sashing.

Isobel with front panel

And, it wasn’t long before that was completed!

completed middle panel

The decade panels were grouped into three and sewn together and then the hand print panes added to the bottom. It is suddenly all coming togather – so exciting!

Hilary and Isobelle with hand panel

Clare and Pam with hands panel

And still everyone carried on to get as much done as possible. Caroline and Jackie cut out backing for the community panels

Caroline and Jackie

And, Caroline, amongst others, was enlisted to do a bit of hand sewing

Caroline sewing

All in all, a very productive day. Everyone should be feeling very proud! Well done guys – you are stars amongst stars!

One comment

  1. Caroline n

    Magnificent work and I had fun helping out . We had a great community spirit and the wall hanging is making history for Lakeside – stupendous! Thanks girls XXX

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