Another Productive Day With The Group

We had another productive day in Ystradowen on Tuesday 8 October. Everyone was fully occupied in their projects and it was interesting to see so many different things going on. Here are a few.

This is a great ladybird quilt in progress by Chris for her grand-daughter.

The ladybird quilt by Chris

a lovely Japanese wall-hanging by Dilys

Wallhanging by Dilys

Here’s Hilary making gingerbread men.

Hilary sewing gingerbread men

Jan was busy making autumn bunting.
Jan's bunting

Monica was quilting her Scottie dog quilt – she has an addiction to Scottie dogs! But judging by the sighs, I don’t think machine quilting is quite Monica’s favourite thing – not that you could tell because it looks great!

Monica's Scottie dog quilt

The girls are going well!

We had a record turn-out this time, with lots of people now back from their holidays – the weather was rainy and it made a perfect sewing day!

I did notice how quickly the chocolate biscuits went…you need energy for all this sewing!

There is the UFO day at Ystradowen village hall on Saturday 12 October, so I hope next month brings a crop of finished items at the Show and Tell.

Our next meeting is Tuesday 12 November, so we look forward to seeing you all then.

One comment

  1. Monica Dennis

    Great blog Pam – well done! Lots of fab work going on ans there should be more after today’s UFO day!

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