Lots of UFOs Completed

At today’s UFO (unfinished object day) everyone was on a mission to complete their pieces of work – and many did!

Jeannie started off by finishing a pumpkin that she had been making. Not sure where the link with knitting, sewing etc. comes in but she was enjoying herself!

jeannie with pumpkin

And, the pumpkin did come in handy later in the day when Jan finished her bunting and wanted to show it off! Beautiful colours and fabrics

Jan's bunting

Jeannie quietly worked away all day on quite a few things that she wanted to complete – and then gave them away to be used for fundraising – what a kind gesture.

She made the most beautiful cushions

Jeannie's cushions

and a lovely bag

Jeannies bag

Salinder also created a lovely bag as well as being busy making Christmas stocking and advent calendars.

Salinders bag

Some were very busy working on their quilts. Malvene’s was a lovely hand stitched design. A gift for her grand daughter – lucky girl.

Malvene's quilt

Jayne was making the border for her quilt – I think she mentioned that she started it 12 years ago? A lovely nautical theme.

Jane 's quilt

Jane’s strip quilt was lovely fabrics – her son should be very pleased when it is completed.

Jane's strip quilt

Monica completed two little calico bags and yet another African doll, and was very grateful to Liz who offered to finish off the other one!

Monica's bags

And, we mustn’t forget to mention the knitting – Ellen was knitting the most exquisite shawl embedded with little pearls for her sisters 60th birthday present. We are sure that she will be extremely thrilled with it.


It was a lovely relaxed day, with visitors who dropped in after their walk and went out with goodies that they had bought for Christmas gifts – thanks to Sandra and her mum for their support!

Sandra and mum

Looking forward to the next one!


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