Dyeing To Paint

Thursday 6 March is our fabric painting day – as usual in St Hilary Village Hall, between 10.00am and 4.00pm.

Tea, Coffee and biscuits will be available but you need to bring lunch with you

This month there has been a suggestion to look at the work of Gilda Baron – to paint a background that can then be enhanced with machine and hand embroidery http://www.gildabaron.com/

You are welcome though to just do your own thing if you prefer.

Anyone is welcome to come and have a go and you are welcome to use my resources as a one off to see if you enjoy the experience!

Looking forward to seeing you


One comment

  1. caroldavies01@aol.com

    Hi Monica, My friend Ruth & I would like to come over on Thursday Both of us have done some fabric painting. Is it just fabric painting or will be sewing too – do we need sewing machines, or is mainly hand sewing. I looked on the Gilda Barron site and loved her work so have some clue as to what she is about – no expert though!!!! Would it be helpful for us to pre paint the fabric ??? Can you let me know please. Carol Davies (Pontypridd) was on the Regional Team with you if you need a reminder.

    Regards Carol

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