Gilda Baron and Other Things

Today the Dyeing to Paint group looked at the work of Gilda Baron which is amazing – she makes it looks so simple!

Feeling confident that we could produce something in the same vein we got cracking with our fabric paints before moving on to experiment with some new Inktense crayons. The inktense crayons gave a lovely vivid effect for the background and further enhanced with a little machine and hand embroidery should look very effective.

Inktense websize

Distracted as some of us (mainly Monica) are we also took the opportunity to dye some lace for another project that we came across in a magazine and then Hilary decided to paint some zips she has been given. She plans to use them when making pencil cases so coloured zips would look much better than plain old white – what a brilliant idea!

Pam then moved everyone on to have a go at painting with shaving foam.

shaving foam

And, hey presto – a bit of modern art!

shaving foam painting

Pam was keen to point out that you must use the cheapest shaving foam because the fragranced ‘posh’ stuff doesn’t dry properly.

A fun day with lots of half finished projects to work on – a good job it is Cutting Edge next Tuesday!


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