Rag Rugging Heaven

Today, a small group of textile enthusiasts gathered to have a go at rag rugging under the guidance of Sonia Fox.

After a short introduction to the various methods everyone got going on their creations.

Id and EC


Karen was on a mission. First with the sewing machine….

Karen sewing

then with some creative stitches and rag rugging


to finally showing what she described as a ‘couple of kidneys!’

Throughout the day Sonia demonstrated various techniques. There was a lot of interest in a rug that Sonia had been making for a while.

Sonia bw rug

And, the technique for plaiting materials for tassels and other embellishment was fascinating.

sonia tassel

Sonia tassel 2

Though there was considerable activity throughout the day – and a lot of chatter – there were no finished products to display. But, we are sure that sometime in the near future we will be able to show off some of the finished products.

Many thanks to Sonia for a very enjoyable and relaxing day!

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