Sew Talented!

The second Tuesday of the month is always a day to look forward to, and today was no exception. Everyone there seemed to be on a mission – or so it seemed- to get things started or finished.

There were some wonderful pieces of work to view.

Sue and Jeannie had recently been to Judy Mendelssohn’s workshop at Glamorgan Quilters and they brought their kimono quilts to finish off – beautiful.

This is Sue’s

Sue kimono quilt

And, this is Jeannie’s

Kimono Jeannie

Brenda showed everyone a quilt she was just completing. Lots of lovely applique work.

Brendas quilt

Linda showed everyone a stunning shadow quilt that she had made


Hilary had just completed a cross stitch destined to be a present for friends.

Hilary's cross stitch

Pat had completed her Scottie Dog quilt.


And, Bridget showed everyone a dress that her daughter had made – delightful!

Bridgets daughters dress

There were also various other pieces of work under construction.

lovely patchwork folds

quilt in progress

And, Monica was making a book cover to send to India.



What a talented group we are.

Looking forward to more of the same next month!

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