Getting to Grips with Transfer Arts Paint

Today at Dyeing to Paint we focused our energies on getting to grips with transfer arts paint. And, whilst we were debating about the best way to approach painting a background and applying an image Hilary turned up with one that she had made earlier!

Hialrys UFO

Ann Hialry and Isobelle

Having gathered inspiration from Hilary’s efforts we all settled down to experiement with the paints. Isobelle worked on a Celtic design.

Isobelles celtic design

Hillary created a wonderful coloured piece which she was quite rightly delighted with.

Hillarys pic

Monica worked on an Islamic image that she had found.


Chris produced some lovely elephants which she further embellished with market stiks

Chris elephants

Ann’s vase came out a beautiful array of colours!

Anns vase

The challenge now is to finish them off with some creative embroidery!

And, whilst all this was going on Fiona was quietly painting fabric with her newly acquired paint rollers.

Fiona painting

….and Hilary was screen printing bikes!

Hilary's bike

A very satisfying day and plans for soya wax printing next time!


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