Variety is the Spice of Life!

This month’s Cutting Edge session was nothing short of awesome – with various projects on the go and completed!

Glynis brought a scarp quilt that she had completed.

Glynis scrap quilt2

Gilly showed a quilt top that she made at a Judi Mendelssohn workshop.

Gillys quilt

Jeannie’s wholecloth quilt is coming alog nicely. This is the one that she started at Sonia’s workshop last year.

whole cloth

whole cloth back

Jan’s quilt in progress is pushing the boundaries. It is her first use of embroidery machine motives and the first time she has machine quilted!


She also brought along a collie spun and knitted vest top that her recently deceased friend made – an interesting treasure.

Jans waistcoat

Hilary had been busy stitching a beautiful Travellers Tales kit based on a Palestinian design, a chest panel of traditional dresses from Hebron.

Hilarys box

She was also sporting a very nice top!

Hilarys top

Catherine brought along her sample book.

Catherines sample book collage

And Linda is busy crocheting!

crocheted cushion

Irene showed everyone blocks that she is making for a Baltimore quilt – appliqué pieces prepared by her Brother -the cut and create one!

Irene collage

Keris and Corinne have completed book covers. Keris’ one, inspired by Monica, is a journal for her forthcoming travels to India. Both book covers can be viewed here.

Corinne also showed a piece of fabric that she recently painted at the Dyeing to Paint session.

corinnes fabric

What a fruitful day everyone – well done!

And finally, at Tuesday’s session we also welcomed new members Catherine Pritchard and Lesley- Anne Bealey and Salinder Gammidge joined us as a very welcome guest.


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