Spring Knit & Stitch Show

On Thursday 5 March Monica and Hilary visited the Spring Knit & Stitch Show at Olympia in London. It is not as big as the Alexandra Palace event but there were enough stalls to tempt one to buy. There were some stunning quilts on show. Below are a few that caught the eye.

Bradley Wiggins caught on quilt!

bradley wiggins

This one captures a walkers trail through the Highlands of Scotland.

walking quilt web

This quilt captures the colours of Morocco splendidly….

Moroccan quilt web

And the colours of this quilt couldn’t fail to catch the eye.

circles and square quilt

In addition to the above there were some beautiful small quilts that had been made to commemmorate the 1st World War.

war quilt3 web

war quilt4web

In keeping with the theme of the War Monica and Hilary also visited the Imperial War Museum to view the Fashion on the Ration exhibition. The exhibition explores how men and women found new ways to dress as the rationing of clothes took hold. Displays of original clothes from the era, from military uniforms to functional fashion, reveal what life was really like on the home front in wartime Britain.

A fascinating exhibition which is well worth a visit.

In addition to the above Monica and Hilary managed to fit in a trip to the Horniman Museum to see the Revisiting Romania exhibition. As well as some stunning costumes there was an interesting photographic exhibition which focused on Romanians who have settled in the UK.



  1. Caroline

    Looks like a fun filled London trip with amazing exhibitions to attend – makes me think how lucky we are in the UK to have such enriching cultural events to attend ! Thanks for sharing

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