Challenge Quilts Underway

At Dyeing to Paint today a few people got together to make a start on their World War 1 challenge quilts. Corinne tried out the Inktense blocks for a background to work on – lots of potential for poppies!

Corinne fabric

Monica, unusually, initially painted her idea on paper before progressing to fabric.

MD plan ww1

And, Glynis painted a cenotaph for the centre piece of her quilt.

Glyns cenotaph

Isobelle, as well as being on hand with her expert advice, painted some fabric for the fairy shoes that she is planning to make at our workshop next week. I think her grand daughter Lydia is going to be the proud owner of the finished product.

Isobells fabrc

And, Keris, who has just returned for India spent some time trying out the new print blocks she had bought on her travels.


A productive day and next week you will be treated to feedback on fairy shoe making!


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