Variety is the Spice of Life

The Show and Tell session at Tuesday’s Cutting Edge session demonstrated the breadth of crafting interest within the group.

As usual there were some stunning examples of patchwork and quilting….

green quilt

flower quilt

star quilt

flower star

There were a variety of other items that had been lovingly created…

blue cushion

beach bag

fairy shoes and bag


isobelles flower

There was also some shadow knitting going on, courtesy of Linda – amazing!

stripe quilt

In addition to all of the above Isobelle, with the help of Fran and Irene, demonstrated the groups new Scan ‘n Cut machine which means that once people are familiar with it we can look forward to many more wonderful pieces of work in the coming months!

And, whilst everyone was enjoying themsleves with all things crafting Hilary and Monica were off on their travels. Hilary to Spain and Monica to the Scottish Highlands. You can read about Monica’s travels and interesting discoveries here


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