Print Block Madness

group working

At Dyeing to Paint today the focus was on block printing, and as ever, there was no shortage of enthusiasm.

There seemed to be a bit of an obsession with fish to start with …

corinnes work

Keris work

but it wasn’t long before other designs started to emerge.

Fionas printing

Hillary's trees

And, there was even time for a bit of a chat over the ironing!

Corinne ironing

While some were absorbed in their block printing Hilary was quietly sun dyeing her fabric with some spectacular results. Is the group ‘watching paint dry’? or is Hilary demonstrating ‘one she made earlier?’

Hilary outside

…. answers on a postcard please!

And, how lovely that Chris brought her sheep quilt in to show us all before it goes off to Australia.

Chris sheep quilt front

Chris sheep quilt back


One comment

  1. Caroline

    Adorable sheep quilt – what a wonderful gift that will be to receive on the other side of the world

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