Sew Happy at Cutting Edge

There was a buzz in the air today as all but 7 Cutting Edge members turned out for another happy sewing day. And, it was evident that the buzz was caused by the frenzy to create!!!!

Jeannie Duncan Farr, who ran the foundation piecing workshop last week, was thrilled when she saw the progress that those who attended had made. Three people had completed their tops since the workshop….

Catherine’s – which looked almost transluscent. Check out her report on making it on her blog

Catherine's table runner

Bridget’s – which she made form her scrap bucket – such wonderful combinations of colour. I think I would like Bridget’s scrap bucket!

Bridgets table runner

And, Lesley’s, which she has made from fussy cutting one piece of fabric- brilliant

Lesleys table runner

Linda showed a table runner that she had made earlier – in time for Christmas. It is from a Sonia Fox workshop that was held at Glamorgan Quilters last year.

Lindas Xmas table runner

Pat had also been busy foundation piecing and showed this beautiful piece that she had made from left over fabric.

Pats quilt

Stephanie had recently been to a block printing workshop and showed off her elephants which are very colourful and no doubt will be further embellished

Stephanies elephants

Irene had made a Debbie Shore bag which is reversible and cute

Irenes bag

Gilly continues to work on her embroidery

Gillys star

And, as if this was not enough Liz Price completed a quilt for her daughter – made from her daughter’s discarded jeans

Liz denim quilt

Catherine, Irene and Fran showed the WW1 quilts they had completed

And Hilary and guest Salinder celebrated their birthdays!

Hilary and salinder cake1

Plus, Hillary Hill was happily waiting to hear of the arrival of her new grandchild, who by the looks of this designer quilt is going to be thoroughly spoilt!

Hillary Hill

Happy Days!


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