Scan ‘n Cut Experimentation Day

Today a small group of Cutting Edge members got together to further their knowledge of the Scan ‘n Cut machine. Corinne had been busy over the summer reading and trying out to get the hang of things and was a great help to other members of the group. Jan was also a valuable source of knowledge when it came to helping individuals with their various projects.


Caroline cut some lovely flowers for a pinafore that she is making for her grand daughter and Liz cut a perfect dragon for a cushion.

Liz Dragon

Liz also got help cutting some poppies for the WW1 quilt project. The plan is to further enhance the quilts when they are exhibited by scattering felt poppies. A lovely idea and we hope that CE members will help Liz to complete more of them at the next meeting.


Monica cut letters for a cushion that she is planning. But, decided that black might be better than the original cream letters.


And, whilst everyome was busy scan ‘n cutting Hilary was busy sorting through fabric for the stash sale on 13 October (the next CE meeting).


A busy, but rewarding day!

Many thanks to Corinne and Jan for sharing their knowledge – much appreciated.

And, many thanks to Liz for her poppies – a lovely idea – once again, much appreciated!

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