Another Industrious Day at Cutting Edge!

Cutting Edge sessions never fail to entertain and today was no exception. The group of hand stitchers at the table were busy working on various wonderful pieces of work…..


a beautiful cross stitch from Dilys

dilys cross sticth

some painstaking unpicking from Jan to make her husband’s quilt just perfect!

Jans quilt

And, a steady job for Hilary winding thread and wool

Hilarys wool

The other Hillary was quietly busy in the corner making a free machine embroidery cake stand that she plans to fill with free machine embroidered cup cakes – we can’t wait to see the finished project. It will be awesome!

Those on the sidelines were engrossed in making an iron caddy similar to one that Monica had made in the past and with a pattern downloaded from the internet

Corinne, Keris and Hillary

Corinne, Keris and Hillary

Caroline, LIz and Chris

Caroline, LIz and Chris

And, Sally reached the finishing post first with her beautifully made caddy

Sallys bag

Show and tell revealed that members don’t seem to stop when they are at home. Salinder had made a beautiful small quilt from scraps

salinders quilt

Jan showed everyone an apron that she had made and which others were keen to make

Jans apron

And Sue Thomas showed a quilt that members of the Swan Street quilters had made for Sue Bowers.

sue bowers quillt

Monica showed a small art quilt that she had made from samples of fabrics that she had dyed at Dyeing to Paint

dtp quilt

And she has finally finished her Ineke Berlin design bag

denim bag web

Fiona, though absent today, sent photos of work that she has been working on which look wonderful and we look forward to seeing them close up in the near future

February 2016 284

February 2016 272

February 2016 279

And, lastly Hilary was encouraging members to Stitch for Syria and shared a news article about the Christmas fundraising for Llamau

What a wondeful and varied day – well done everyone!


One comment

  1. Caroline

    Indeed, what a wonderful community day at Cutting Edge – especially big thanks to Monica for organising the iron caddy project today – also for all the advice and tips I received from numerous members of CE

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