Textured Landscapes and Other Things!

After deciding that we needed to be a bit more structured this month Dyeing to Paint members focused on creating textured landscpaes – taking inspiration from Wendy Dolan’s new book

The first step was to share white and cream fabrics to creat a textured base. Here Keris is patiently putting hers together

Keris textured bakground

Keris textured bakground

Once the background was secured it was time to paint. Corinne was exploring using autumn colours and had fussy cut her leaves from a white fabric and then painted them

Corinne leaves

Caroline was using lots of colour and adding foils


Monica was busy creating a landscape from a photo she had taken of the local woods. She painted bondaweb to make the trees

Monica's landscape

Monica’s landscape

And, Liz had created a very textured background with wool fabrics – which came alive when she added paint

Liz landscape2

The new toy was xpandaprint which most had a go with to enhance their textured backgrounds. Great fun to use with spectacular results.

Whilst a number of the group were absorbed in this exercise others were busy in their own zones…..

Ann, who was completely encircled with jars of paint, produced some lovely marbled effect pieces of fabric

Ann painting web

Keris had started to work on completing a piece of work she began a while ago when she was experimenting with transfer art paints.

Keris mosques

Hilary was playing with tyvek and the heat gun

Hilary heat gun web

Whilst, others were taking a well earned lunch break!

Corinne at lunch

Corinne at lunch

Monica showed the group a photo of some fabric flowers that she had made from a Gillian Travis kit – and Hilary brought in the flowers that she had made.

Monica's fabric flowers

Monica’s fabric flowers

It wasn’t long before a decision was made to have a day so that everyone could make them!

As ever HAPPY DAYS at Dyeing to Paint

Hello Monica. How lovely to hear that my book gave you all inspiration for your work. The images are great so thank you so much for sending them to me. I wish you all the very best and perhaps will see some of you at the festival of quilts where I will have a small demonstrators stand“.Best wishes WendyDolan


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