A Busy Day Sewing and Chatting

Yet another lovely day at Cutting Edge this month.

As ever there were lots of projects underway which we look forward to seeing completed in the coming months.

Brenda showed the group a hexagon quilt that she is making

Brenda hexagons

And then showed a whole cloth quilt that she had recently completed

brenda quilt detail

Pat was also busy getting her whole cloth quilt completed

pats whole cloth detail

and was interested in the quilt that Jeannie was putting together – which seemed very intricate. Knowing how quickly Jeannie works it probably won’t be too long before we see the finished quilt!

JDF and Pat Hixon  web

Liz had made a cover for her sewing machine – very smart!

Liz sewing machine cover

Carol was busy making blocks – apparently she has to make 25! Love the Janet Clare fabric.

Carols blocks

Kira was busy experimenting with fabric landscapes

Kiras landscape web

Hexagons are obviously popular because Sue was also busy making a hexagon quilt

Pat and Sue Bowers web

We had some fabric flowers on the table that Hilary had made. Following the interest from group members to make similar ones we have booked the hall for Tuesday 7 June.

hilarys fabric flowers

Monica was very grateful to Liz, Corinne and Keris for helping baste her New Zealand quilt together. No excuse now for not getting on with the quilting!

my quilt web

Whilst there was lots of concentration and focus on various pieces of works it is always lovley to see that there is time for chatter amongst friends

group table web

Sadly this month we said our farewells to Catherine Pritchard who has moved to Malvern. She will be missed by many of us but Malvern isn’t that far away and we have invited ourselves for afetrnoon tea at her house already! Wishing you all the very best Catherine and good luck at Malvern Quilters

Catherine Pritchard group web

And finally, Keris sent a photo of an Australian quilt that was sent to her as a relative. very amusing!

Australian quilt


What a great day on Tuesday, many thanks.
“I am now inspired to sew again, following the encouragement of many of the members. Your enthusiasm for cutting Edge and Glamorgan Quilters keeps many of us going”. Pat


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