A Make Do & Mend Sort of Day!

Having recently launched our current project of Make Do & Mend today’s activity fitted in really well whilst also enabling us to support a very worthwhile charity.

After sending out a call for assistance to make sanitary pads for women in India who have little in the way of resources we were thrilled with the response. An army of members spent the day cutting out and making pads from unwanted or recycled fabrics, including flannalette, cotton fabric and towelling. Others donated little bags that they had made which will contain two pairs of knickers and sanitary pads and there were lots of donations of knickers. A huge thank you to everyone who gave their support. We will be continuing to make bags at the April and May meetings. They will be transported back to India by Caroline (Neudegg’s) daughter Kate at the end of May. Kate is currently working as a midwife in Hyderabad so we are confident that all our donations wll be put the good use.

Kate with colleague, Hyderabad hospital

Any donations of flanallete or cotton fabric, old towels and knickers will be greatly received over the next couple of months!

Whilst many were busy on the ST project others were busy with their own creations. Sally was sewing into a piece of fabric that she had painted

Lesley was busy making a cycle oriented quilt for her daughter who is cycling the Tour de France

Janet was showing Jaci these lovely little storage bags that she is making.

Margaret was enlisting Truda’s help on how best to complete this quilt so that she could give it to the church

And Jeannie and Caroline were working on some wonderful tiny pieces of fabric that are destined to be magnificent quilts!

At Show and Tell there were some lovely pieces of work that had been completed. In the spirit of Make Do & Mend Kerry had made two beautiful quilts from fabric scraps

Monica had made bunting from handkerchiefs…..

Caroline had finished her elephant quilt – complete with Elmo the patchwork elephant on the back of it.

And Isobelle had completed the top of a quilt that she is making for her grand daughter

Corinne and Keris showed small quilts that they had completed from a Gillian Travis kit

And, Rosie and Janet had been busy making a Project Linus quilt using red, blue and yellow fabrics

We even managed a bit of Make Do & Mend at the end of the day when Caroline realised that she had a flat tyre on her car. In came Liz with a wonderful gadget for tyres powered by Monica’s car engine!

Well…. at least it got her to the garage so thst it could be fixed!

In addition to all of the above the stash that Truda, Sally, Monica and Jeannie brought along raised £50 for RNLI and £55 for the Stroke Association. A huge thank you to everyone for their generosity today – much appreciated by one and all!



  1. caroline Neudegg

    Loved reading the blog Monica – you are wonderful and keeping all the information and events together for us to share, through the blogs you do. I thoroughly enjoyed CE yesterday (as I always do) but I was also humbled and delighted by the enthusiastic support for the ‘reusable sanitary pads for India’ project (we need a more snappy title for this I think!). I know that what we are doing is such a practical project for helping the new mothers in the maternity hospitals around Hyderabad. They will, I am sure be delighted with our efforts come June, when my daughter Kate will distribute them. So thank you again and I am already looking to seeing what arrives at our April meeting!
    Thank you Kerry for showing me how to make tidy bags for the project, and for those you had made and brought in . Each drawstring bag will hold: two pads and 2 pairs of knickers xxxx

  2. caroline Neudegg

    How did I forget to say a huge thank you to Monica and Liz for helping me to get my car back on the road after finding i had a flat tyre! Such a problem feels much less scary when friends lend a helping hand ! I am back on the road.

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