By The Seaside in St Hilary

At today’s Dyeing to paint session there was a definite feeling that many of us were yearning to be beside the sea.

Janet and Rosie were busy creating some beautiful cards

Jan was busy creating a nautical landscape

And Isobelle brought along the beautiful shells that she created for the last exhibition

Meanwhile Pat, Monica and Rosie, with some direction from Liz were busy decorating a deckchair for the exhibition – hopefully this should draw the crowds

Whilst they were all beavering away other were on a mission preparing backgrounds and experimenting with various resources

Fiona was experimenting with Indian print blocks and achieving some brilliant results

Isobelle was creating background papers for her current project

And Mary was trying out sun dyeing with some pleasing results

She even found time for a chat in the sunshine!

Mary and Liz

The usual fun packed day! Looking forward to more of the same next month when we plan to use the Procion dyes and try out marbling


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