Fashion in the Frame

Yesterday Jaci Mc Quillan went to the costume learners show in the National Museum Cardiff and below is her report.

The commentary, by Prof Lloyd Llewelly-Jones of Cardiff University, was fascinating – there is a lot more to the clothes people were painted in than meets the eye.

There was no information beforehand regarding which paintings would be used for the costume reproductions. While we were waiting for the ‘fashion show’ and judging a friend and I were admiring Augustus John’s work and discussing his painting ‘Dorelia McNeil in a Feathered Hat’ when along came a model dressed as Dorelia – a lovely surprise!

There was a very limited amount of her clothing visible in the painting as it is a ‘head and shoulders’ but the maker had researched the person and the likely bohemian clothing worn and had even included green and purple because of Dorelia’s support of the suffragettes.

The event was packed and, once we sat down, it was difficult to take good photos so I’ve taken the one of the winner – ‘Fair Rosamund’ – and a little video of some of the costumes from the college’s website

Apparently all the costumes can be seen in June at the end of year show. I’m going to keep an eye out for the date.

Many thanks to Jaci for taking the time to send a write up and photos – much appreciated! We will keep an eye out for the June date and share the date when we have it as we are sure that there will be members who would like to go along

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