Ice Dyeing And All That Jazz!

Today’s Dyeing to Paint was a bit full on with a ice dyeing and experimenting with the new Koh – i – Noor paints to create vibrant backgrounds which will hopefully will be turned into lovely pieces of work in the not too distant future

It could be argued that it wasn’t the right sort of the day to ice day – or – as it was a frosty morning outside maybe it was. Either way the ice making machine came out, the fabric was soaked in soda ash and everyone was eager to get going with the procion dyes.

And, after that flurry of an introduction I am afraid that you are going to have to wait to see the results – as the ice takes it’s time to dissolve taking with it the dyes into the fabric. Meantime – here is a photo of the merry band of ice dyers at work!

This was followed by yet another activitiy – to texture paper with tissue to create a background ready for painting. And not just any old painting – the fun part was using a straw to move it around the textures created with the tissue. A great exercise which allowed for some time out for a coffee and a chat whilst the paper dried…..

Or…. using the hairdryer to quicken the process!

And here are some of the lovely images that were created

Next month the plan is to stencil over the background ready for stitching – great fun!

Finally Monica was trying out a lino cut that she had made of an INdian stencil design – destined as a design for a book cover in the future

Another wonderful creative day with lovely takented people – what more could we want? And- we were thrilled to welcome and enjoy the company of Dianne and Clare today. We look forward to seeing them again soon!

One comment

  1. Dianne Cousins

    Fabulous sessions. Fun ladies too I will definitely be seeing you all very soon and thank you for making me feel so welcome too x

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