Making for Pleasure

February Cutting Edge was busy as usual with plenty of projects on the go and some beautiful completed work. And a welcome addition this month was the chance to do a bit of willow weaving courtesy of Dawn who showed how to make a small tree – a little early for Christmas – but great potential!

First off Dawn showed a few she had made earlier and then gave a short demonstration of how to get started …..and it wasn’t long before there were some fab willow trees to admire!

Many thanks to Dawn for her sharing her knowledge and skill – a very enjoyable exercise and one that some might decide to take further in the future!

Whilst the weavers were busy at wortk other were getting on with various projects

Sallys quilt that has been in the making for at least 30 years!

Elaine’s sashiko

or having a chat…

Work was also underway on projects that will are destined for the forthcoming Make Do & Mend exhibition. Keris was busy embroidering the shawls on the tablecloth – so beautifully done that they look like woollen ones! Monica and Caroline (L) were busy selelcting plate designs that wil be printed on fabric and appliqued onto the tablecloth. Recipes are going to be incorporated onto the plate.

Chris was exploring how to renovate the hood on the dolls pram and Liz has taken the pram home to look at making a cover.

And Amanda brought in her finished pieces for the Make Do & Mend exhibition

As usual there was some beautifuk work shared at Show and Tell.

Truda is well on the way to completing a lap quilt made from vintage fabrics – which will be hung at the exhibition

And she showed a quilt that she has recently completed

Marie had also completed a bed size quilt

and Keris had completed a quilt for her new grandson

Monica showed driftwood boats that she had made for a beach hut event on Barry Island in May and she also showed a book cover that she had made using a felted sweater

Finally Pat showed a jacket that she had recently made using Oakshott fabrics

Our Cutting Edge sessions never fail to deliver with so many lovely things to admire and skils to learn whilst enjoying each others company. Bliss!

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