Never a Dull Moment at DtP

It might be a damp, dull and drizzly day but you could never say that DtP was in any way similar. There is always lots of chatter to start the day and plenty of laughter and enjoyment once everyone has focused on their latest idea

Chris was no exception – she was busy on a sea theme for 2020 – drawing and colouring an octopus which was looking fabulous by the end of the day

Janet was busy block printing a calico bag for her sister who has just started keeping bees! And waht a perfectly clear image has been achieved

Dawn was busy painting backgrounds and showed her ice dyeing from last time – which was a great success

She had also made some lovely cards using some of her painted paper from last month – with the addition of fabric scraps and free machine embroidery

Monica tried out Mary’s new Indian wood block – such a fabulous design and destined to cecome a book cover once embroidered. Could be featured in the Make Do & Mend exhibition as the fabric was taken from an old duvet!

Jan was busy painting fabric for a later quilting project

Dianne was experimenting with stencils on a piece of ice dyed fabric she created last month – and plans to do a bit of free machine embroidery on the mandelas

Alison and Steph decided to have a go with the new lino cutting kit and produced some lovely images. Alion was planning to make some cards which is a great idea

Steph also had a go with a stamp that she found in the resource box and embellished the image with pencil colours – which gave it a great lift!

Meanwhile Corinne and Keris were quietly beavering away in the corner watercolour painting on fabric – can’t wait to see the finished pieces of work.

Another great month where the creative juices flow and we can enjoy some lovely pieces of work – well done everyone!

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