Easter Show & Tell

Well – here we are again with another show and tell that features more of your works of art – what a creative bunch you are!

We haven’t seen much of Pat Hixon lately due to illhealth but we are really pleased that she keeps in touch and shares her work with us. Pat is an extremely talented quilter and below are two of her latest creations.

The first is called indigo spin. It is made from a 10″ pack of 40 lovely Japanese Shibori fabric

The second is a large hand quilted cot quilt. It is the first time that Pat has used a pre printed design on calico bought from Cotton Patch.

Pat commented that she had very much enjoyed viewing the March blog showing other members work and was very complimentary about the talented ladies in our group.

Truda is also busy making a quilt that is to be raffled at a later date for Newton church. Hopefully we will be able to see it completed in the not too distant future

And, Brenda sent in a photo of a quilt that she is making – a lovely design in vibrant shades of blue.

Our new member Dianne is quickly getting into the swing of things. She has made some lovely greeting cards and fabric postcards. She is now looking for a pattern for a big bag that will hold all her stuff and she’s got lots of material pieces that she could utilise. And, Jan has very kindly sent her some useful links to explore various bag patterns. Dianne also fancies having a go at a padded scissor holder so if anyone has a pattern please let us know. She’s been practising free motion embroidery and she has some silk and dyes that she is planning to use to make a picture from a photo . She is certainkly making the most of staying in!

For this piece Dianne dyed the fabric, stencilled the mandala onto the fabric and stitched into it

Amanda has made these two birthday calendars for her grandchildren. She was rather frustrated with the the pattern though. It was written as it came into the author’s mind and was wrong in a number of places. Not easy to understand but Amanda persevered and got there in the end. They were not the the colour of fabric or felts that Amanda would have chosen but it was all that she had to hand. They look fab and we are sure will be treasured by her grandchildren

Rosie sent in this photo of cute little seagulls that she made for her grandchildren

Jan sent photos of three pieces of work. A quilt top that she has just finished putting together – great colour combination – a cushion and some fabric storage bags which are very handy to have in the sewing room – it will come as no surprise that Jan’s sewing room is very orderly!!!

Jaci has been working through her UFOs and enjoying finishing sorting out her ‘new’ (was a bedroom) sewing room. She sent photos of three pieces of work that she has completed. A little reversible Japanese knot bag – lovely batik fabric, a crocheted necklace to go with her bangle and ‘specminder’ and a tiny earring ‘nest’ for her bedside table – crocheted from a scrap of ‘ladder yarn’.

Pat continues to make her bags. A bit of a lull in production as she had to wait for a delivery of Bosal!

She has also been busy making bead of courage bags and Keris now has labels for stitching onto the bags. Email cuttingedgetextilegroup@gmail.com if you would like labels for bags that you are making and we will pass your request onto Keris.

Liz and Dilys have also made some beads of courage bags

Liz’ bags

Dilys’ bags

Chris has made face masks for College Fields Nursing Home in Barry

And Monica and Caroline have made headbands for the Heath Hospital

Caroline’s headbands

Monica’s headbands

Well that’s all for now folks.

Keep safe, keep busy and keep sending in the photos for us to share

Monica & Liz


    • Monica Dennis

      Hi Lynn
      There are two fabric pieces. One 14.5inches x 6.5inches and the other 14.5 inches x 2.5 inches and you need a piece of elastic 8″ long. Hope that helps

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