Book Covers

Lately, there has been an interest in making book covers so below are a few examples of ones that have been produced by Cuttine Edge members.

Chris Dobson

Chris made this one for a Spanish visitor – and she was thilled with it.

Chris book cover

Chris Dobson complete

Corinne Roberts

Corinne has created an awesome doggy one.

Corinnes book cover

And also made these two lovely covers from offcuts of fabric that she created at a recent Virginia Hole workshop.

book covers

Corinne finished

Keris Howard

Keris has made this beautiful cover for a journal that she intends to keep whilst on holiday in India.

Keris book cover collage

And this one is for a journal that she will write when on holiday in Vietnam


Keris complete book cover day

Keris also showed us a cover that a friend from North Wales had made for her – a lovely sea scape

sea bookcover

Hilary Carney

Hilary has shared pictures of book covers that she has made in the recent past.

Hilarys book cover collage

Koh i Norr paints have been used for this design.

Hilarys bok cover

Hilary made this wonderful book cover from a cardigan that her friend Lesley shrank in the wash – not sure whether Lesley is lamenting the loss of her cardigan but this must be some compensation at least!

Hilarys book cover

Isobelle Davis

Isobelle has also joined in and made a wonderful cover with a piece of work that she created at a recent Angie Hughes workshop.

Isobelles book cover

And more recently she has machine embroidered a cover for a ring binder.

Isobelles embroidered book

Monica Dennis

These are a some of the ones that Monica has made.

This one is currently travelling the world. Monica gave it to her daughter when she recenlty met her in India.

MD india book cover

Monica made this one to use for her recent travls to Goa.

indian ribon

MD book cover

book cover

Kiwi book cover

Tree Book cover June 2015 web

Monica Dennis

Monica Dennis

This elephant cover holds Monica’s journal of her travels to Kerala in 2014.

elephant book cover completed

And this one is a birthday present for an Alice in Wonderland fan. It is decorated with a clock and hand of cards charm.

bok cover fb

Monica created this cover following an Angie Hughes workshop that she recently attended. It has been created by applying foils to felt. Organza has been overlaid and free machine embroidery has been used to decorate it.

foil cover

The background for the ones below has been created using the loose fabric collage technique. On the first one ‘Triangle’ shaped trees and star sequins have been added before covering the piece with a pale coloured organza. It is finished off with free machine embroidery and by hand sewing beads on to the fabric. The second one has been created by making a fabric landscape. It is then embellished with foils, sequins, beads and free machine embroidery

tree book cver full view

red and orange

Monica created this one for her daughter who has been on her travels since December 2014 and is due home at the end of July 2015.

Claires Travel Diaryweb

Book Cover day – 17 June 2015

Liz Price

Liz Price book

Hillary Hill

H Hill book covers

If you have any examples to share please send them to


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  2. Caroline N

    What gorgeous covers. Hopefully they will inspire lots of journals for future family / friendship histories. Well done you creative lot.

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