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March Show & Tell

Well – here we are – our very first online Show & Tell!

First off the mark to send a photo of a completed project was Corinne. This cute little dog was made from a kit that Corinne bought at Malvern Quilt show last Autumn. Her intention was to use him as a pin cushion but she can’t bear the thought of sticking pins into him! He’s been waiting to have his coat finished for 3 months and how smart he looks now.

Rosie has been busy on her sewing machine. Having finished a Project Linus quilt she moved on to making a large seat plus back for her swing chair. She was quoted £120 for the foam. So, to make do, she used an old table cloth, old wadding and her parents old curtain. All Quilted together and she has a very successful seat for nothing!

Pat has been making sashiko bags Here is one that she has finished. She is trying to work more slowly otherwise she is worried that she will run out of things to make. Oh NO!!!

Janet has been busy making the most of the weather to get on with gardening but she has made a couple of fabric jingly balls for her grandchildren

Lesley Anne took up the challenge that Monica had set her, which was to make something with a little vintage cloth as part of our Make Do & Mend project. Lesley was originally going to use boutis to embellish the vintage linen, but she didn’t think that would work so she used it as an overlay on a pouch instead. The lola pouch pattern is from Sotak handmade and it was really easy to use. Beautifully creative – well done Lesley Anne.

Before lockdown Gill Harris from Sorrento Furnishers Cowbridge gave Liz a nursery fabric sample book which she has been inspired to use, though she would like to hand some on to members of the gorup when we are eventually free to roam!

This is a little shoulder bag and sunglasses case that Liz has made = getting ready for her next holiday!

Monica has made an Alice in Wonderland themed collage from vintage fabrics. Some of the images have been created by using soluble fabric – a great way to practice free machine embroidery.

And, this is an Alice fabric art piece that she made in 2014. A first attempt at free machone embroidery!

There all sorts of great ideas on the internet at the moment for people to keep busy and be creative. Monica has recently come across a company in Aberystwyth that has made available free downloadable activity sheets. She has used one of the designs to create a nautical stitched postcard

The beads of courage bag challenge is going well. Truda has made nine lovely colourful ones. She is not sure when she will be able to post them but promised to get them posted as soon as she can

Monica has started to make some as well – still mmore to come!

And we are sure that there wil be more as people have been asking where to send them. Keris contact detials have been emailed around along with the pattern to make the bead bags

Keep busy and keep safe

Monica & Liz


“So pleased to receive all your posts, as one of many on my own at home. Keeps us in touch”. Truda Theodore x

A Festive Meet and Dine!

Our December meeting not only demonstrated the groups sewing talents but also a talent for producing a delicious festive lunch!

But before lunch there was opportunity to finish off Christmas projects and to enjoy seeing projects recently completed

There were a number of Christmas decorations being made…..

Sally, who is in the picture, was making Nordic stars for a reunion event. Caroline was making decorations from hexagons and Janet was making a lovely fabric decoration embellished with buttons.

Janet had completed her red work bunting

And Sue was well on her way with hers

Kerry was also busy making bunting from a kit she had bought overseas

Mary was making lovely peg doll fairies

Truda was making lovely felt birds (the picture doesn’t do them justice!)

And Keris was making a stocking for a grandchild

Some had moved on from Christmas and there were a variety of lovely projects on the go

Fiona was focused on embroidering painted flowers

Dawn was using prints that she had done at Dyeing to Paint to learn embroidery stitches – under the expert guidance of Truda

She had also brought in her dinky Singer sewing machine for everyone to take a peek at

And Monica had been experimenting with Inktense pencils and stencilled organza on a vintage cloth

There were also some lovely pieces of completed work at Show and Tell

Frances brought along another two of thirteen quilts that she had recently completed

Corinne had finished her Christmas tree from last year

Janet had completed a Polar Bear project

Dilys, along with others who had contributed, was thanked for her input into the embroidered tablecloth which is part of the Make Do & Mend project. It is progressing well and there is not too much left to do. A suggestion was made that those who had done some of the sewing should embroider their name on the edge of the cloth. This will be done in the New Year

A Make Do & Mend Show and tell is also planned in January and members are encouraged to bring along anything they have made in the last year from recycled or scraps of fabric

Yet another wonderfully creative day with oodles of delicious dishes to soothe the soul. A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to make it such and enjoyable and memorable event.

Wishing everyone a happy and joyful Christmas and looking forward to more of the same in the New Year!

What a Multi Talented Group We Are!

This month’s meeting was the first after the summer break and although we weren’t a big group it was evident that there is masses of talent.

New member Sheila brought along a jacket that she had made some time ago and was determined that after a little attention she would be wearing it this winter

Rosie presented a beautiful stitched activity book that she had made for her grand daughter. Love the Peppa Pig!

And new member Ruth brought along a wonderful piece of embroidery that she has just completed and which is destined for the framing shop. She is also preparing to make a jacket so we look forward to seeing that soon!

Jeannie showed some lovely bags that she had made to give as gifts to relatives and also provided free gifts of fabric bags for members – which was an unexpected treat. She also showed a quilt that she has recently completed which, as always, is stunning

Pat had been busy making more of her delightful leather bags

Marie and Kerry had both been busy quilt and bag making. Below are Marie’s

And these are Kerrys’s. Kerry’s bag will be for sale at our exhibition – with the money being donated to Project Linus

Truda is making a quilt that she is making to raise funds for the church

And Jaci spent the day embroidering around the table cloth for our Make Do & Mend project. What a star!

All in all a lovely varied day. Looking forward to next month already

Stitch Happy!

Another busy day at Cutting Edge with plenty of projects on the go and some lovely pieces of finished work on show

Sally was focused on finishing her denim bag and keen to model it as a flak jacket in case she decides not to finish it! Wonderful shells appliqued on it

Kerry had finished her denim bag which features Spiderman

And being a Red Devil’s fan she had made some fabulous place mats

Glynis had been on a mission making bags – which as ever, were lovely

Ruth, who was making her first visit to the group was engrossed in beautiful crewel work

And Sheila’s family of animals is growing by the minute!

Salinder had finished a small wall hanging that she started at Dyeing to Paint – and which will be included in our forthcoming exhibition

Helen showed her completed giraffe quilt – lovely bright colours and as always beautifully finished

And Julie has been making in roads into the embroidered tablecloth – which is looking fabulous. She has taken it home again this month to continue embroidering the Welsh ladies. And we will be looking for more volunteers to continue the process next month.

We’re looking forward to seeing Fran’s next project completed – what a lovely dog!

Always a great variety of talent on show and always an enjoyable and fun day with lots of chatter and good humour. Well done folks – what a great team of ladies you make!

A Normal Day at the Office!

This month’s Cutting Edge was the usual frenzy of activity ranging from a focus on individuals current projects, an update on Make Do & Mend, the collection of more sanitary pads for India and the gathering in of the sea themed work for the exhibition. And. of course time for a chat and a cuppa to catch up!

Truda and Brenda

Despite flagging with the tedium of sewing sanitary towels and bags some members had soldiered on and produced more – demonstrating what kind and generous a group we have.

After making a fantastic contribution Brenda handed back the table cloth that is being embroidered as part of the Make Do & Mend project – and Julie very kindly took it home to continue the work.

Rosie brought in the little pram that she had bought from Sally a few months ago – beautifully renovated and with a lovely little doll inside. We are sure that her grand children will love it! And, Sally was thrilled with the transformation.

Monica explained the process of making the denim bag to those attending the session on Friday

Monica’s bag in progress

And some spent the day getting their bag panels ready…

Chris Dobson

Show and Tell was amazing – starting with a group photo of all those who had recently made the Beatle bag with Jan – absolutely fanbtastic!

And although Kerry had been away on holiday she had managed to make a cushion, a quilt and a lovely fabric mosaic wall hanging

Lesley Anne had been to a workshop at J&B Sewing in Cardiff where she had made some lovely greeting cards. She also made a card for some special friends

Lesley showed a top that she had made at a workshop

Pat was wearing a smart pair of espadrilles that she had made at a workshop in Cardiff- and surprise, surprise – they matched her bag!

Monica showed the latest page of her India book – which was a collage of a peacock made from silk waste. The photo of the peacock she took it from was taken at the Kew orchid festival in 2017 which was themed on India and the peacock at the festival was made from fresh orchids and greenery.

Truda showed a beautiful cushion that she had made from recycled fabric

Rosie showed a quilt that she had finished – started quite a while ago and then she decided she didn’t like the colours. Now it is completed she loves it!

And Caroline L’s quilt is a work of art – not yet completed but looking absolutely beautiful – all paper pieced!

Jaci showed the group a stunning little book that she had made with other members of the Beechwood Stitchers – of which she is a member

Fiona was busy stitching down her flowers….

and Julia was busy finishing a Hungry Caterpillar quilt for her little 2 year old grandchild

So…. a nothing out of the ordinary day!

Creative Stitched Pictures

Today we welcomed Alison Moger to lead us through a workshop to create pictures with scraps of fabric and machine stitch. And inspiration from seeing Alison’s work inspired those attending to produce some wonderful pieces of work which are showcased below….

Carol Evans

Marie Austin

Amanda Randall

Beti Kemp

Jaci McQuillan

Monica Dennis

Liz Price

Carol Bartlett

Chris Dobson

Sally Wood

Nia Richards

Jan Webster

A very enjoyable day which produced pieces of work to be proud of – well done everyone!

Another Great Dyeing to Paint Day!

At Dyeing to Paint today the focus was on painting with shaving foam and transfer art paints.

MD AL and Kira shaving foam web

The shaving foam produced some wonderful landscape backgrounds which gave huge scope for creativity. So much so that Corinne started straight away to enhance her background fabric with fabric pens and more paint sprinkled with salt.

Corinne's landscape

Corinne’s landscape

Caroline took a much different approach and went for the abstract which also worked extremely well

Caroline's abstract

Caroline’s abstract

Meanwhile others decided to further explore the transfer art paints. Kira and Keris were very quietly concentraing on painting an Islamic design

Keris and Kira web

Which, when transferred to fabric, looked terrific

Keris design

Keris design

Kira's design

Kira’s design

Hillary decided to paint birds that she had seen in a magazine which look very effective

Hillarys birds

And Glynis painted Islamic images to great effect.

Glynis islam prints

Whilst all this was going on Fiona was quietly creating a tile image with the lino cut tools

Fiona's lino cut printed tile

Fiona’s lino cut printed tile

And, the day spurred Monica on to think about developing a transfer art paint image that she had made earlier. The image has been bordered with a fabric that has been dyed using soya wax as a resist and is now ready for a little free machine embroidery

MD islamic mosques

A very productive day….. and it went in a flash!!!!