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A Quiet Day at Dyeing to Paint

Another lovely day at Dyeing to Paint with bundles of enthusiasm to create some lovely fabrics. However, there was a comment about how quiet it was with some of our lovely members missing… all for various reasons.

It was lovely however, to see Alison and Salinder back and eager to get stcuk in. Alison’s husband has just retired so she thought she would refashion one of his work shirts – the focus being time – waits for no man? or now he has all of the time in the world – we are sure all will be revealed in due course!

Jan was busy transferring an image onto fabric through her light box so that she could paint it

Isobelle was busy practicising with her gelli plate

Keris was stencilling a tree with an unusual stencil that she had borrowed from Glynis

And Fran was stencilling hibiscus onto fabric

Monica was preparing fabric for her India project using a cake stencil of peacock feathers

And she was trying out some new stencils and stamps. The little birds are destined to be stitched and used for making cards!

Karen brought along some experimental work which interested a number of people in the group. She had dyed silk and cotton with tea (Earl Grey works well apparently!) and then tied rusted bolts into the fabric to achieve the amazing results below

As anticipated there was interest in having a go so we will be ordering silk scarves for next months meeting for those who would like to experiment – looking forward to it already!


Creative Use of Hand Dyed Fabric

Today at Dyeing to Paint members were invited to bring along pieces of work that they had completed using some of their own hand dyed fabric – which produced a stunning display of talent!

Pat brought along a silk scarf that she had made. She printed it with Indian wood blocks and then lined it with cotton to produce this beautiful scarf….

Corinne showed a small wall hanging that she had made from a Gillian Travis kit. The fabric at the top and bottom of the piece was hand -dyed by Corinne. She also showed a turtle (wip) which incorporated her own hand dyed fabrics and stencilling.

Keris brought along the same wall hanging which contained some of her own dyed fabric and the backing fabric was some that she had bought in Amritsar. Keris is also working on a piece (alliums) that she created at a previous session where she used a toilet roll and cotton buds to create the allium shapes.

Chris had completed her cockerel and was working on a cushion cover that she had bought. She didn’t like the two horses so she turned them into unicorns and added some stencilling – very creative!

Monica showed a couple of small pieces of work that she had completed following previous trips to India. The Indian flower panel was one of the first art quilts she had ever made. She took the design from a photograph she had taken on a trip to India back in 2009.

The indian lady was also created from a photograph that she took on her travels

Monica had also delved deep into her cupboards to find a fabric book that she started to make a couple of years ago. Sshe showed some of the pages that she had completed and plans to continue with the book over the coming months

Jan was eager to show her coat which she had dyed with a Dylon Dye a new lease of life and a beautiful colour! She spent the day experimenting with her Inktense pencils and is creating some lovely pieces of work

Janet was pleased with a stencil that she had made. A very clear print was achieved from it as well. It is good to start thiking of Christmas early Janet!

Mary brought along a the front of a greetings card that was the perfect stencil to experiment with and she aslo had a go with some new stenicls to create some lovely images

Maggie continued working on images that she had created at the screen print workshop

And we managed to capture some lovely pieces of work that Liz had secreted away in her stash. Lovely landscapes and painted bondaweb

These roses have come out particularly well…

As usual a very busy session with lots of chatter and laughter with heaps of creativity thrown in! Well done everyone

A Slow Start to a Productive DtP Day…

The February DtP session was once again productive despite an initial slow start to the day – so much to catch up on over a cup of tea or coffee!

Once underway stamps and stencils were the main focus of the day……

Glynis had a new hare and hedgehog stencil

Pat was busy stencilling some gold and silver leaves on to black velvet

Chris completed her cockerel which she started last month

Some, like Janet, combined stencilling with procion dyeing which was the focus of last months session

And Jan brought in a pieced top originally cream and quilted which she had never liked. She has recycled it by removing the quilting and dyed it lovely shades of pink!

Jan’s original plan was to stencil flowers to add interest but following input from group members this has now developed into producing fabric flower heads to appliqué on to her quilt. A work in progress. We look forward to seeing the finished piece

As always a lovely relaxed and fun day was had by all!!!

Dyeing to Get Going Again!

After the Christmas break there was a flurry of activity at Dyeing to Paint today. And, to kick start the day Fiona very kindly gave a demonstration of printing fabric with opaque fabric paints before overdyeing with Procion dyes. She showed some fabulous samples on both fabric and paper.

block printing before overdyeing

Overdyeing the block printing

And, before long there was a wonderful array of fabrics being hung up to dry….

Whilst this was going on others in the group were busy with their own projects.

Isobelle had been experimenting with eco-printing which gave some rather interesting images

Jan was trying out lino cutting and printing…..

Chris was doing a bit of drawing

Keris was stencilling elephants on fabric she had previously ice-dyed

Pat was transforming a lampshade that had been water damaged…..

Mary was trying out the Thermofax

And Glynis was enjoying her 70th birthday with some yummy choclate cake – Go Glynis!!!

Lots of wet procion dyed fabric was taken home and we look forward to seeing the results soon!

Sea What You Can Achieve on a Wet & Windy Day!

On a wet and miserable day the mood was vibrant in St Hilary village hall with lots of experimenting going on….

Chris decided today was the day she created the design on her Dyeing to Paint apron – a sea themed effect which looks stunning and original. Loving the colour combination!

Caroline was busy experimenting with wooden print blocks and stencils …. and some plastic lace used as a stencil has great potential

Fiona was busy creating greenery on paper for a course that she is currently doing – and after seeing the procion overdyeing there was a request from members to try it out next time

Monica brought along pattern pieces of a denim bag that she is making so that she could stencil on to them

And then had a go with a new stencil – which proved to be popular

Monica’s steniclling

Keris’ stencilllimg

Another wonderful care free day of creating – what more could you ask for?

Dyeing to Paint Again!

A whole month has gone by in a flash and time to paint again today – what fun!

It was great to see a few of the group taking up the challenge to paint their new aprons – and there were some stunning results as you can see here…

Alongside the apron embellishment Keris was busy getting on with Christmas

Liz was busy working on some fabric that she had dyed last month and she was also having a go with the stencils

Jan was getting her head round a little screen kit she had bought at a recent quilt show

Sally was trying out some stamps that she had made….

Rosie, along with a few others, was on a card making mission

And Fiona was experimenting with Inktense blocks

Amidst the frenzy of activity there were a few took a break to view the St Hilary telephone box which has been decorated to commemorate the end of the First World War and it features felt poppies that were amde by CE memebrs for the WW1 quilt project!

Click here to read about the CE contribution to the 2018 Cowbridge Commemorations

As always, a great day with lots of creativity and good humour. Looking forward to next month already!

A Productive Day at Dyeing to Paint

As usual everyone came today with great ideas to create and it was without doubt a very productive day, with lots of plans for a sparkly Christmas!

Fran and Glynis were beavering away in the corner and Glynis was on a mission to try out the group stencils – to great effect – looking forward to seeing these fabulous printed fabrics in one of Glynis future pieces of work….

Fiona was focused on improving her skills with a gelli plate – and was making good headway

Caroline stencilled seed heads onto fabric and then overdyed it – looking forward to seeing the end result next time

Jan was busy making a curtain for a little window

and Pat was on a mission making fabric for Christmas cards….

As was Liz

Chris obviously has Christmas in mind too as she was busy making little robins

Monica created a Christmas tree stencil to try out – which proved to be popular

And then decided that her new Dyeing to Paint apron needed a makover to cover up the paint she had wiped over it – in error of course…

And was very pleased with the end result!

The rest of the group are planning to do theirs next month – no pressure girls – and thanks to Glynis for sharing the stencils!

As always a fun and relaxed day was had by all.