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Christmas is Creeping Up!

Yesterday’s Dying to Paint Session was as productive as ever with a focus on various topics, including Christmas!

Pat seems to have mastered the art of marbling and produced some amazing samples

Corinne and Keris were working on garden books that they started to make last year with Frances Pickering. And these lovely birds will be included in the books

And Jan not only printed peacock feathers she started to embellish them as well

Chris was trying out techniques to transfer a telephone image onto fabric

And Fiona and Jan were busy getting ready for Christmas – so organised!

The usual busy and enjoyable day painting, stamping and printing with friends – what more could you want!


Dyeing to Chatter!

Today, a small but perfectly formed group met to paint – well chat and then paint – so much to catch up on – holidays, quilt shows. workshops to name but a few things.

And after a few comments along the lines of ‘I don’t know what to do’ everyone soon got into the swing of things once more

Liz was busy making cards for the exhibition – and likely to be very popular as they look lovely

Monica had also made some cards and was printing fabric to make more. And she also stencilled and Procion dyed some fabric

Chris was busy using her Inktense to colour prints on her fabric – Christmas is coming early this year!

And Fiona was stencilling

Corinne was making a lovely little book

Isobelle was creating collagraph plates – looking forward to seeing the prints sometime soon

And Alison decided to give Procion Dyeing a go on a silk scarf

So, not a bad day all things considered! Looking forward to next time already

But first we have our exhibition to look forward to – Old hall Pop Up Shop 17-21 September 10am – 4pm – look forward to seeing you there!

An Extra Dyeing to Paint Session

Today’s DtP session was additional to our usual schedule – we just couldn’t wait until September before meeting up again!

And as usual, there were masses of wonderful ideas and creative juices were flowing.

Pat was on a mission marbling – with amazing results

And she was busy trying out Indian wood block printing

Rosie was printing fabric which she planned to use for making cards

And showed us her lovely recently completed denim bag

Liz was painting fabric which she intends to use to make gift tags

And Maggie was experimenting with stencils

Monica painted paper and then stencilled over it – another idea for making cards

And Caroline was using Indian print blocks. She is planning to overdye the fabric with Procion dyes in the future

As usual, a flurry of activity with lots of plans to use the papers and fabrics created today. Looking forward to September’s session already!

Marbling in the Sun!

What an amazingly sunny day today – great for drying!

There was a frenzy of activity when the new marbling inks appeared, with samples made on paper and fabric.

And whilst this was going on others were busy on various personal projects. Mary was printing with a collagraph image that she had made

Corinne was revitalizing a picture that had faded in her conservatory

Pat was busy blockprinting trees

Keris was printing and stencilling the birds and the bees

and Liz was focused on elephants

So much to do and so little time!

Another great day and now we have to wait until September before we reconvene again! Happy holidays everyone

By The Seaside in St Hilary

At today’s Dyeing to paint session there was a definite feeling that many of us were yearning to be beside the sea.

Janet and Rosie were busy creating some beautiful cards

Jan was busy creating a nautical landscape

And Isobelle brought along the beautiful shells that she created for the last exhibition

Meanwhile Pat, Monica and Rosie, with some direction from Liz were busy decorating a deckchair for the exhibition – hopefully this should draw the crowds

Whilst they were all beavering away other were on a mission preparing backgrounds and experimenting with various resources

Fiona was experimenting with Indian print blocks and achieving some brilliant results

Isobelle was creating background papers for her current project

And Mary was trying out sun dyeing with some pleasing results

She even found time for a chat in the sunshine!

Mary and Liz

The usual fun packed day! Looking forward to more of the same next month when we plan to use the Procion dyes and try out marbling

Rust Dyeing with Tea and Other Things!

Today at Dyeing to Paint we dipped silk scarves wrapped around rusty things in tea bags – some Earl Grey no less – and waited with baited breath to see what the effect might be. More on that next month!


Salinder’s tea dyeing

And then it was back to the print and paint

Monica had made some cards from book pages that had been stencilled and there was an idea that we could make some to sell at the exhibtion in September. So……Rosie and Monica were busy printing and stamping little robins

And then there was the suggestion that sea themed cards would work well so there was experimentation with the sea stencils. Liz created some lovely images and Monica tried paint and stencils on organza – which gave a lovely shimmering effect

Liz’ shell designs and a jelly fish under organza

Meanwhile Caroline was creating some wonderful Welsh dragons on bags – destined for the country market in Cowbridge

Janet was busy creating some lovely fabric with print blocks

as was Fiona

Keris’ leaf fabric looks amazing

And Monica was overdyeing some fabric that she had previously printed

Just another fab day at Dyeing to Paint with great expectations for the tea dyeing – watch this space!

Isobelle’s tea dyeing with rusty objects

A Quiet Day at Dyeing to Paint

Another lovely day at Dyeing to Paint with bundles of enthusiasm to create some lovely fabrics. However, there was a comment about how quiet it was with some of our lovely members missing… all for various reasons.

It was lovely however, to see Alison and Salinder back and eager to get stcuk in. Alison’s husband has just retired so she thought she would refashion one of his work shirts – the focus being time – waits for no man? or now he has all of the time in the world – we are sure all will be revealed in due course!

Jan was busy transferring an image onto fabric through her light box so that she could paint it

Isobelle was busy practicising with her gelli plate

Keris was stencilling a tree with an unusual stencil that she had borrowed from Glynis

And Fran was stencilling hibiscus onto fabric

Monica was preparing fabric for her India project using a cake stencil of peacock feathers

And she was trying out some new stencils and stamps. The little birds are destined to be stitched and used for making cards!

Karen brought along some experimental work which interested a number of people in the group. She had dyed silk and cotton with tea (Earl Grey works well apparently!) and then tied rusted bolts into the fabric to achieve the amazing results below

As anticipated there was interest in having a go so we will be ordering silk scarves for next months meeting for those who would like to experiment – looking forward to it already!