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A Normal Day at the Office!

This month’s Cutting Edge was the usual frenzy of activity ranging from a focus on individuals current projects, an update on Make Do & Mend, the collection of more sanitary pads for India and the gathering in of the sea themed work for the exhibition. And. of course time for a chat and a cuppa to catch up!

Truda and Brenda

Despite flagging with the tedium of sewing sanitary towels and bags some members had soldiered on and produced more – demonstrating what kind and generous a group we have.

After making a fantastic contribution Brenda handed back the table cloth that is being embroidered as part of the Make Do & Mend project – and Julie very kindly took it home to continue the work.

Rosie brought in the little pram that she had bought from Sally a few months ago – beautifully renovated and with a lovely little doll inside. We are sure that her grand children will love it! And, Sally was thrilled with the transformation.

Monica explained the process of making the denim bag to those attending the session on Friday

Monica’s bag in progress

And some spent the day getting their bag panels ready…

Chris Dobson

Show and Tell was amazing – starting with a group photo of all those who had recently made the Beatle bag with Jan – absolutely fanbtastic!

And although Kerry had been away on holiday she had managed to make a cushion, a quilt and a lovely fabric mosaic wall hanging

Lesley Anne had been to a workshop at J&B Sewing in Cardiff where she had made some lovely greeting cards. She also made a card for some special friends

Lesley showed a top that she had made at a workshop

Pat was wearing a smart pair of espadrilles that she had made at a workshop in Cardiff- and surprise, surprise – they matched her bag!

Monica showed the latest page of her India book – which was a collage of a peacock made from silk waste. The photo of the peacock she took it from was taken at the Kew orchid festival in 2017 which was themed on India and the peacock at the festival was made from fresh orchids and greenery.

Truda showed a beautiful cushion that she had made from recycled fabric

Rosie showed a quilt that she had finished – started quite a while ago and then she decided she didn’t like the colours. Now it is completed she loves it!

And Caroline L’s quilt is a work of art – not yet completed but looking absolutely beautiful – all paper pieced!

Jaci showed the group a stunning little book that she had made with other members of the Beechwood Stitchers – of which she is a member

Fiona was busy stitching down her flowers….

and Julia was busy finishing a Hungry Caterpillar quilt for her little 2 year old grandchild

So…. a nothing out of the ordinary day!


Rust Dyeing with Tea and Other Things!

Today at Dyeing to Paint we dipped silk scarves wrapped around rusty things in tea bags – some Earl Grey no less – and waited with baited breath to see what the effect might be. More on that next month!


Salinder’s tea dyeing

And then it was back to the print and paint

Monica had made some cards from book pages that had been stencilled and there was an idea that we could make some to sell at the exhibtion in September. So……Rosie and Monica were busy printing and stamping little robins

And then there was the suggestion that sea themed cards would work well so there was experimentation with the sea stencils. Liz created some lovely images and Monica tried paint and stencils on organza – which gave a lovely shimmering effect

Liz’ shell designs and a jelly fish under organza

Meanwhile Caroline was creating some wonderful Welsh dragons on bags – destined for the country market in Cowbridge

Janet was busy creating some lovely fabric with print blocks

as was Fiona

Keris’ leaf fabric looks amazing

And Monica was overdyeing some fabric that she had previously printed

Just another fab day at Dyeing to Paint with great expectations for the tea dyeing – watch this space!

Isobelle’s tea dyeing with rusty objects

Printing Without a Press

Today a few members ventured out to the Cardiff Print Workshop to learn about linocutting and printing without a press.

After a short introduction from Wendy about the tools and techniques required we were off creating our various designs

And it wasn’t long before the print room was buzzing with enthusiasm to see how the designs would turn out

Rather well judging by these wonderful designs on paper and fabric

Fiona’s tulip – one of many designs – Love the chicolle

Keris collection using chicolle and block of paint colour

Monica’s practice block as background with bee block and chicolle

Maggie’s colourways

And Monica’s samples on fabric – the tree design belongs to Corinne

A huge thank you to Wendy for sharing her resources skills and for a wonderfully therapeutic day!

Beatle Bag Workshop

The Beatle bag workshop took place on Friday 12 April and as ever, there was some beautiful bags created.

Jan led the day and gave an introduction to get paticipants started.

and then gave little demos throughout the day……

which helped keep everyone on track, as did having a very organised workspace like Pat’s

There was quite a bit of colour coordination going on too with Fran matching her fabrics to her attire!

And, by the end of the day, apart from having to apply binding there were quite a few bags completed.

Next month’s show and tell should be fun!

Breathtaking Creativity!

Well….. where to start providing a report on today’s Cutting Edge Session.

There was so much going on it’s difficult to know where to start. Maybe first of all we should mention our guest Sheila who was visiting for the second time – was busy making Luna Lupin – a cute little bunny who was sitting pretty waiting for Easter!

whilst sewing machines buzzed around the room with their owners focused on some wonderful projects

Janet was busy making little bags with some fabric she had stamped and painted (along with her conservatory wall!)

Fiona was finishing off this lovely little row of houses that she had started to make at a Bristol workshop

And Dilys was busy finishing a jelly roll quilt – the first in 15 months

On the topic of finishing things that had been lying around a while – Keris was working on a cushion that was made from an old pair of curtains – a good one for Make Do & Mend!

Julie had brought a quilt that she started 15 years ago and had decided that it was about time she got on and finished it!

Isobelle was basting a quilt together that will go to her grand daughter when completed

And Lesley was busy working on a quilt for her daughter who is cycling in the Women’s International team at the Tour de France – very apt fabrics!

There was also work underway trying out fabrics for the forthcoming day when some will be making the denim (or other fabric of choice) bag. Pat had been trying out leather for the bag’s panels

And Monica had worked up some samples of denim crazy patchwork

The bag workshop is also designed to fit in with the group’s current project of Make Do & Mend

As does the sanitary bag project initiated last month to support Caroline (Neudegg’s) daughter who is currently working as a midwife in Hyderabad. Members had been busy since last month sewing sanitary pads and/or making bags to carry them in and there were more donations of knickers today. The generosity of group members knows no bounds when a call is put out for assistance – and always very much appreciated – so a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone involved

Other fantastic support shown today for the Make Do and Mend project came from Truda who has embroidered the dragons on a linen tablecloth. Truda is now passing the tablecloth on to Brenda and Margaret for their very welcome embroidery expertise.

Elaine also gave tremendous support by knitting an beautiul outfit for a doll that was donated to the group.

There were a number of finished projects on show after Morning Prayers

Caroline (Leonard) showed a beautiful quilt made from William Morris fabrics

Glynis had made this lovely blanket from some fleece squares that were donated by Julie Wiliams at Ty Hafan. The blanket will be given back to Julie so that she can sell it in the shop

Marie showed this lovely holdall that she had made from scraps of Liberty fabric

Monica had made a felt sheep from a pattern that Truda had shared with her…..

And Pat had made this amazing leather bag. The front panel is fabric stencilled by Pat at a DtP session

And, a final note on Make Do & Mend. After the last session Amanda and Monica were talking about Pigeon Post in WW2 and no sooner had Amanda got home she had sketched a few ideas.

And after the last DtP session Monica had a go at tea dyeing with rusty nuts and bolts after seeing Karen’s samples. The results have inspired her to draft up an idea and Monica shared her plans today – bearing in mind they could still change! The tea dyed fabric will be used along with a fabric map of Cardiff WW2 bombings to create a piece of work on an antimacasser in a hoop….

Watch this space!

So, all in all it was a breathtakingly creative day – lively and fun with bucket loads on enthusiasm – well done everyone!

Crafternoon Tea at Lanelay Hall

On Sunday 24 March Monica, Pat and Jan ran a craft session at 2 Wish Upon A Star‘s afternoon tea in Lanelay Hall.

Participants – some of whom had never sewn a stitch in their life – took up the challenge to make a brooch or key ring – or both! The enthusiasm was palpable and before long there were many completed projects and lots of smiley faces! There was much pleasure and satisfaction with the end product. Brooches were soon being worn or keyrings attached to hand bags. Plus, one or two were planning to use their creations as mother’s day gifts.

A lovely afternoon enjoyed by one and all!

Another Lively Day at Cutting Edge!

Today we welcomed for the first time Sheila Kelly who is an accomplished dressmaker now looking to broaden her textile interests. There was certainly plenty for her to see

It was also lovely that Hillary was able to join us today

And it was great to see that the Make Do and Mend idea, that was launched last month, is already being embraced….

Fiona has produced a stitched mini quilt. The background piece of fabric was produced from mopping up excess paint in DtP

Kerry showed a colourful quilt top using scraps of fabric, and also a quilted bag with inserts that she had made.

The embroidered tablecloth group project was met with a positive response. Jan and Truda have agreed to kickstart the embroidering and then pass on to other members. Monica is interested in appliqueing table settings and 2nd World War recipes on to it when the embroidery has been completed. Many thanks to Julie Williams, Manager of the Cowbridge branch of Ty Hafan, who donated the tablecloth

Caroline Leonard brought in a book Rag Bag Toys which includes patterns for 11 toys. There is a pattern for a teddy bear made from a moth eaten motor rug. Watch this space!!

Jan went home with a doll to dress and interest was also shown in making clothes for the larger doll.

Jan and Kerry seem to have been very busy since the last meeting.

Jan’s hare birthday card for her husband was made from scraps of wool which she is now going to frame. She had also completed another lovely quilt

Jan and Kerry showed blocks which are nearly complete ( block party). They could be buit upto a king sized quilt. It was interesting to see the same block using different fabrics

Amanda had finished a beautiful quilt for her granddaughter

Pat showed a bag she had made using a free pattern from Oakshott

Caroline was very pleased to sandwich her elephant quilt together ready for quilting

And this quilt – not sure who it belongs to – is amazing!

Many thanks to Caroline and Liz for taking photos and for providing an account of the day – this blog would not have been possible without their support!

Looking forward to next month already!