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Viewing Embroidery at St Fagan’s

Today members of Cutting Edge visited St Fagan’s to view some of the museums embroidery work – and oh my word what a wonderful time we had! Elen, the curator selected pieces that gave a wonderfful insight into costumes of the past. There were men’s waistcoats delicately embroidered with flowers. Some completed and which had obviously been worn. Others in the making. How could you do all that embroidery and then not finish it???

This 1660 piece of stump work below was incredible and so well preserved

The gloves from 17th century were exquisite – tiny birds and animals hand stitched with fine threads

This panel is thought to be an 17th century chair back.

…. and this a pelmet from above the bed

So many stunning things to examine and our tour wasn’t over yet. Elen then took us to the textile department in the storeroom to view some of the huge range work stored there. Cross stitch samplers (some done by 8 year olds!), celebration handkerchiefs and tapestries

And on the way we came across coracle boats, walking sticks, weaving looms, harps….

dolls houses


the Vulcan pub sign!

….and a beautiful 18th century gown, created in silk from Spitalfields in London – stunning and what a privilege to be able to get up close

How lucky we are to live so close to such a fabulous museum where we can enjoy the exquisite craftsmanship of the past- a HUGE vote of thanks to curator Elen Phillips for making the day so special and memorable for us all!

Time to start thinking about what we can view another time!

A Make Do & Mend Sort of Day!

Well, it might have been dark and miserable outside today but inside the atmosphere was positively glowing. And, as ever we had lots of lovely work to admire – particularly around our theme of Make Do & Mend

There was a table overflowing with some beautiful pieces of work…. and a pram waiting to be renovated. You will be pleased to know that we now have a plan – so watch this space

Amanda brought in a wonderful piece of work focused on pigeon post and featuring an authentic pigeon feather obtained from the pigeon society.

She was also busy today making a boro bag

Caroline was busy making a whole cloth cot quilt on recycled sheet which fellt beautifully soft to touch

Truda showed an amazing lap quilt that is work in progress. It is made from vintage fabrics and embroidered cloths. She has also made a lovely fabric picture featuring a little cross stitch robin

Frances brought in a beautiful collage made from vintage materials

And a book about feedsack secrets – fashion from hard times and a panel that she bought in the USA

Janet had made cushions from wool blankets and Sorrento furnishers off cuts – coordinated with embroidery

And Jan emptied out her Mary Poppins bag to reveal a Christmas tree skirt, a quilt that she had incorporated some old fabric crackers into, her advent calendar and some lovely felt birds that she made for the 12 days of Christmas – more to come we assume?

Kerry also showed three quilts that were made from fabric scraps

Pat, Janet and Rosie were quietly beavering away in the corner . Janet and Rosie were making quilts for Project Linus using fabric scraps from their stash

Julie was busy working on an embroidered dragon and showed an exam piece that she had done for the Embroideres Guild

Fiona is obviously on a mission with her floral theme – and had made a fab lampshade

And was busy working on some wonderful floral pieces. She failed t mention that she had made the tunic and matching scarf that she was wearing!

A huge thank you to Truda for sharing her skills with members – pictured here demonstrating embroidery stitches

Finally Dawn brought in some vintage pieces to show and Rosie had brought in a child’s Vulcan sewing machine that she found in a charity shop last week – what a find and so appropriate for our theme. It hardly needs saying but we will have to have a an exhibition later in the year to showcase all the beautiful work that has been done by our very talented group. Well done everyone!

A Bit of a Fishy Day!

Today we have a bit of a fishy story to tell which is to do with our forthcoming Swansea exhibition.

Members were tasked with making fabric fish that will eventually be made into bunting and hung at the Tapestri cafe
to enhance our exhibition – which is very much sea themed…

The extra windmills that some members of the group had made at home were also very welcome…

And one of the multi windmills had been completed

We are certainly going to have a very colourful exhibition – don’t forget to bring you sunglasses and bathers when you visit!

There was also a lot of work going on in the background to make new pieces of work for the exhibition.

Fiona showed a piece of work she had painted at Dyeing to Paint and two pieces that she had made with Hilary Beattie

Corinne showed a bed runner, called Ocean 10, that she has recently completed

In addition to all this there were many other pieces of work in the making or completed

Jeannie was making a quilt with silk fabric, which looked lovely

Amanda was busy making pages for her fabric journal

And Jane was in the process of completing a lovely bunny

Brenda showed a beautiful quilt she made when Glamorgan Quilters met in the Old Hall in Cowbridge, which is quite some time ago now. It is the view from the window over the gardens

Rosie and janet showed the group quilts that they have recently completed – their first quilts ever – which looked stunning. And, they are being donated to Project Linus

Last but not least the group Project Linus Quilt is progessing well though throwing up a few challenges hers and there. The long panels are now being sewn together so it shouldn’t be too long before it is completed. Well done to everyone involved, particulary today, Corinne and Sally who spent a lot of time making sure the sashing was accurate – and were very grateful for the advice provided by Julia

What a splendid team we have at Cutting Edge!

WW1 Challenge Quilts

Great news … we will definitely be exhibiting our quilts in Cowbridge shops between 2nd and 16th November 2015.

The following shops have kindly agreed to display quilts in their shop windows…

The Barbers, Cowbridge

Beauty Within

Costa Coffee

David Barnes Dry Cleaners

Ty Hafan Charity Shop

And, there could be more – watch this space.

To view quilts that have been completed to date click here

Book Cover day

Wednesday 17 June was the day that a little band of enthusiasts got together to create book covers. And… there was no end of creativity.

Some had planned in advance and came ready to go. Hence Chris motored on and by the end of the afternoon had nearly finished!

Chris cover

Liz had thought through her idea which was a seascape. She had a lovely blue background fabric that suggested waves, and this was cleverly enhanced with a rainbow voile.

Liz cover

Keris used a piece of fabric that she had previously foiled laid over a beautiful purple felt and overlaid with a laser cut piece of fabric and voile. She then started to embelish it with tiny seed beads.

Keris cover

Corinne used a piece of hand dyed fabric, overlaid it with a laser cut piece of fabric and some die cut shapes. After overlaying with voile she started to hand stitch into it.

Corinnes cover

Hillary used a piece or cotton fabric print, added sequins and hand cut fabric letters. She then had a go at free machine embroidery and by the end f the day her two little books were nearly complete. There are going to be some very happy grand children!


Fiona abandoned her original idea and after rummaging through all the scraps created this lovely cover. And,she incorporated a piece of block printed fabric she made at a recent Dyeing to Paint session.

Fionas cover

Bridget was engrossed in making a landscape and by lunchtime was well on the way to completing a lovely cover. She also took lots of bits with her after being inspired with the scraps available.

MD Bridget

Bridgets cover

And whilst keeping an eye on what was going on Monica and Hilary were busy creating in their own way.

Monica started a book cover….

MD cover

And, Hilary made a dream catcher – testing out one of the proposed activities for the forthcoming Crafternoon Tea

dream catcher

And finally, Keris has a new little grand child and showed us a beautiful baby bag she had made

Baby bag

It just shows there is no end of talent in the group!

Keep an eye out on the designated book cover page to view the finished articles.

Foundation Piecing Made Easy

Today, a group pf enthusiastic Cutting Edge members ventured into unknown territory to learn the techniques and tribulations of foundation (paper) piecing. They had no need to be concerned as they were in safe hands as Jeannie Duncan Farr is a whizz at it!


And, the challenge was….. to make this table runner – no pressure girls!

Table runner web

It was a slow start with some perusal of the task ahead


which was followed by a quiet determination to get on with the job.


And, it wasn’t long before things began to come together…….






Looking forward to seeing some completed work in the not too distant future but in the meantime check out the next challenge folks.



Many thanks to Jeannie for a well organised and informative day which was very much appreciated by all.

Variety is the Spice of Life

The Show and Tell session at Tuesday’s Cutting Edge session demonstrated the breadth of crafting interest within the group.

As usual there were some stunning examples of patchwork and quilting….

green quilt

flower quilt

star quilt

flower star

There were a variety of other items that had been lovingly created…

blue cushion

beach bag

fairy shoes and bag


isobelles flower

There was also some shadow knitting going on, courtesy of Linda – amazing!

stripe quilt

In addition to all of the above Isobelle, with the help of Fran and Irene, demonstrated the groups new Scan ‘n Cut machine which means that once people are familiar with it we can look forward to many more wonderful pieces of work in the coming months!

And, whilst everyone was enjoying themsleves with all things crafting Hilary and Monica were off on their travels. Hilary to Spain and Monica to the Scottish Highlands. You can read about Monica’s travels and interesting discoveries here