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Fabric Coiled Pots Workshop

Yesterday we made some fabric coiled pots out of fabric scraps – a great way to lighten the load in scrap baskets but also a great way to recycle clothes that are no longer needed.

After a demonstration from Karen Teal, tutor for the day, there was a flurry of activity to rip up fabric ready for the project in hand. Then it was heads down to get started

And by the end of the day there were some very colourful pots to admire

It is important to point out here that the hand sewers weren’t slacking…. their pots were work in progress because it takes a lot longer to hand sew than sew them on the machine!

Keris’ finished pot

Yvonne’s handmade pot

And, as usual, the group found an alternative use for the pots – as hats Tommy Cooper style!

Bags of Talent!

A lovely day was had by one and all today at the denim (or fabric of your choice) bag workshop. And, even though we were inundated with denim jeans to recycle we still managed to bring a substanitial amount home!

It is amazing how, when the creativity flows, everyone produces something totally different and beautiful.

Stephanie made some fabulous background panels decorated with beach huts and yachts that she had fussy cut from fabric

Caroline decided on a crazy patchwork design which took time but was forming wonderfully by the end of the day and she was eager to add decorative stitch and labels

Pat had a head start as she started her bag before attending the day. It is made from a combination of leather scraps, denim and fabric that she had hand printed. In addition she had embellished it with glass beads that she had made. By the end of the day all she had left to do was the binding around the bag handles

Amanda was making her bag from sea themed fabric and a striped sheet that she had bought in a charity

Chris had spent a considerable amount of time preparing her panels with beach images and managed to get to the stage of binding her handles.

Monica’s bag was progressed to the wadding and lining stage

And Kerry’s was made from Spiderman scraps

Having decided that she did not need such a big bag Liz made a bag with beach huts on it – apparently for her husband when he goes shopping – not sure he might have preferred a golf theme Liz!

All beautifully crafted and inspired works of art made from recycled fabrics. What better way to spend the day whilst contributing to the theme of Make Do & Mend at the same time!

Well done folks…..

Printing Without a Press

Today a few members ventured out to the Cardiff Print Workshop to learn about linocutting and printing without a press.

After a short introduction from Wendy about the tools and techniques required we were off creating our various designs

And it wasn’t long before the print room was buzzing with enthusiasm to see how the designs would turn out

Rather well judging by these wonderful designs on paper and fabric

Fiona’s tulip – one of many designs – Love the chicolle

Keris collection using chicolle and block of paint colour

Monica’s practice block as background with bee block and chicolle

Maggie’s colourways

And Monica’s samples on fabric – the tree design belongs to Corinne

A huge thank you to Wendy for sharing her resources skills and for a wonderfully therapeutic day!

Beatle Bag Workshop

The Beatle bag workshop took place on Friday 12 April and as ever, there was some beautiful bags created.

Jan led the day and gave an introduction to get paticipants started.

and then gave little demos throughout the day……

which helped keep everyone on track, as did having a very organised workspace like Pat’s

There was quite a bit of colour coordination going on too with Fran matching her fabrics to her attire!

And, by the end of the day, apart from having to apply binding there were quite a few bags completed.

Next month’s show and tell should be fun!

Learning How To Make A Simple Print Screen

Today, a small group met to learn how to screen print with simple home made screens.

Karen Teal led the day and gave a great introduction to the various methods and materials that can be used.

She even had her youngest pupil ever in the group!

Digby visited with Nana Dennis and rather enjoyed himself – he created a wonderful masterpiece using acrylic paint and sponge rollers along with stamps and felt pens. He also created another felt pen masterpiece on the floor which sadly had to be erased. We are sure that would not have been the case if Banksy had paid a visit!

Digby has his own Instragram page – digbydrewthis – where we are sure that his latest creation will feature soon!

Back to the screen printing – below are sone of the fabulous pieces that were created…

Fiona’s use of leaves

Jan’s butterflies

Janet’s lovely bird

Maggie’s plants in a pot

Mary’s work

Rosie’s work

Pat’s leaves

Monica’s lovespoon

Stephanie’s work

Tanya’s leaves

Many thanks to Karen for a great day which generated much enthusiasm to continue experimenting at Dyeing to Paint sessions

Crazy Patchwork Creations

Today was the day that some of the members of the group went crazy patchworking with Robi Thomas

There were a variety of things being made – needlecases, sewing bags and cushion covers and some fabulous colour combinations

Corinne was busy with turquise and red….

whilst Keris had started her piece of work off with a lovely Indian fabric and was using some of her batiks for contrast.

Jaci was using brightly coloured batiks for her needlecase

And Mary had chosen some lovely autumn colours for her piece of work

Jan and Caroline were in a blue mood

Kerry was using a brilliant combination of modern fabrics for her cushion cover

whilst Maggie’s cushion cover was being created with vintage fabrics

Sally was busy using lace and fabric which belonged to her grandmother – she plans to make a cushion for her mother’s bed. This photo certainly doesn’t do Sally’s work justice

As well as teaching Robi was also helping to put the eyelets in fabric journals that had recently been made at one of her workshops

And she was very impressed with the ‘bloody good’ case that we have for the eyelet machine!

Finished pieces of work

Corinne has completed her little needle case – and very nice it looks too!

Fabric Books – Day 2

Today we met for the second workshop to complete our fabric books. As expected not many had been completed but we had a wonderful day working towards our goal

And Robi helped us on or way by punching the holes for the coptic stitching of the cord

Star of the show was Amanda who completed her book. Well done Amanda – we now look forward to seeing more in the coming months!

A huge thank you to Robi for sharing her time and expertise. We are looking forward to seeing Robi again on 15 May for a crazy patchwork workshop

And lovely to greet Ann White to spend the day with us. we hope you enjoyed your day

Completed books will be posted here soon – not to be missed – they will be stunning and certainly something to cherish

Pictures for an Exhibition

Today group members gathered to make fabric postcards for our forthcoming exhibition at the Tapestri Cafe, Swansea which is being held between 10th and 24th August. The exhibition is part of the 2018 Swansea Festival of Stitch

There was swathes of fabric to choose from, embellishments and most of all heaps of skill and enthusiasm to produce some beautiful postcards to reflect life on the life on the ocean waves, or on the beach.

In fact there was so much enthusiasm there is likley to be more lovely postcards to come … watch this space!

Great wook everyone – well done!

Fabric Journal Workshop

Today was the first day of our fabric journal workshop which was expertly facilitated by Robi Thomas from Swansea. Robi is one of the key organisers of the Swansea Festival of Stitch, an event not to be missed.

Group with Robi

Robi brought a selection of her books for inspiration and to understand what was needed, which helped to get people going

And it wasn’t long before there were some beautiful creations emerging with a variety of themes….

And by the end of the day there was a wonderful selection of work in progress to share

Still a long way to go before the finished articles appear – but judging by today’s efforts it will certainly be worth the wait. Watch this space!