Sanitary Pads for Hyderabad, India

After sending out a call for assistance to make sanitary pads for women in India who have little in the way of resources we were thrilled with the response. An army of members spent the day at the March CE session cutting out and making pads from unwanted or recycled fabrics, including flannalette, cotton fabric and towelling. Others donated little bags that they had made which will contain two pairs of knickers and two sanitary pads and there were lots of donations of knickers.

We will be continuing to make bags at the April and May meetings. They will be transported back to India by Caroline (Neudegg’s) daughter Kate at the end of May. Kate is currently working as a midwife in Hyderabad so we are confident that all our donations wll be put the good use.

Kate with colleague, Hyderabad hospital

Before getting the project underway Caroline tried out a few designs and tested them fr absorbency.

Then, at the meeting the pattern was distributed and there was general discussion on the best way to sew them up.

And…. we were off – with some cutting out the pattern pieces whilst others looked on eager to get on with sewing them up.

Needless to say it wasn’t long before the first pad was completed with many more to follow. Frances is fuatured below showing off the first completed pad.

We look forward to keeping this page updated with further progress and the final outcome at the end of May – watch this space!

9 April 2019

At CE today members brought in STs and bags that they had made since last month’s meeting and what a kind and generous group we have!

After a count at the end of the day Caroline reported that we currently have the following:

65 pads (with probably a min of 25 more in the pipeline)
63 bags (more with the bags donated by L’Oreal)
77 pairs of knickers (plus a £10 donation to buy more)

Caroline’s sister in law in Farnborough also has her WI making STs and bags and Caroline will share how they are doing in due course. But, we can safely say that there is going to be a very worthwhile contribution to send with Caroline’s daughter at the end of May

A huge thank you everyone for their kindness and generosity – we couldn’t have achieved so much without you!

Below is a photo of Caroline’s daughter with an Indian mum and her baby

17 May 2019

The latest news is that we have:

110 sanitary pads
60 homemade bags + 100 donated BA/Virgin/Maybelline bags
110 pairs of briefs, and
40 bras
Plus, we have received a number of monetary donations

Staggeringly wonderful!

And look at the price of these handmade sanitary pads for sale in a shop near Bristol