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By The Sea Fabric Painting

A loose theme for today’s Dyeing to Paint session was to create something focused on the Seaside. But as ever, it was not obligatory and the results of the day were varied, interesting and creative.

After arriving keen to create shells, lobsters and crabs in textile paints Monica started the day by stencilling an elephant on some ice dyed fabric. The stencil was so irresistable it just had to be done!

She did focus on stencilling shells before being distracted once again by a hen stencil! So many goodies it is hard to resist.

Glynis also created hens.

Corinne brought along a couple of pieces of work in progress…..

Salinder was on a fishy mission as well!

Isobelle block printed a lovely sea horse – lots of sewing potential!

Whilst Hillary patiently cut freezer paper to make beach brolly stencils. So looking forward to seeing how it progresses onto the wonderful piece of fabric that she has painted.

Fiona experimented with a few different things – even snowflakes for Christmas!

And finally, we had another session ice dyeing – looking forward to seeing the results folks.

As always a lovely varied and creative day with lots of pieces of work begging to be developed! Well done averyone and thanks to everyone for sharing their resources.

17 June 2017

Corinne’s Ice Dteing


Sissix for Christmas

Today, a small but perfectly formed group met to play with the Sissix and Scan and Cut machine and made headway in creating some unique cards for those special friends.

Corinne and Keris hit the jackpot by cutting fabric on the scan and cut machine without much hassle – well initially anyway.


They then moved on to card making with some fantastic results


Fiona had success in creating frames for the Christmas trees that she had block printed and free machine embroidered. She also brought along sone lovely die cuts and stencils which were popular with the group.


Monica cut out labels on the Scan and Cut machine then added a die cut embellishment.


Liz was well prepared and made some lovely cards. The stag card was innovative. She used a stencil to spray gold stags in the background and then added a die cut stag which had been made with her hand painted card.


Yvonne was busy cutting labels and shapes to take home for more inventive work but produced lovely cards made from squares of paper. A popular design introduced by Corinne


Caroline enjoyed painting card and put it to good use with some beautiful creations….


And, Glynis was on a mission cutting out bunting and letters – looking forward to seeing the completed project soon!


So much to play with and still more – the stamps and heatwave pen hardly got a look in!


A very enjoyable and productive day was had by all – well done everyone!

A Frenzy of Dyeing & Printing

The Dyeing to Paint group met today with various ideas of what they might do and a flurry of activity with fabric dyes and print blocks produced some wonderful pieces of work.

group web

There was quite a bit of printing with Indian print blocks and considerable interest in a new brick wall stencil…

Corinnes printing and stencilling

Keris printing

Jan was very pleased with her new print blocks that she had bought from Colouriscious

Jans printing

And Kira used one of them to make a beautiful piece of fabric

Kiras printing

Kira also found the time to get going on her Wendy Dolan style textured landscape

Kiras landscape

The chance to dye fabric was also popular. Ann was busy dyeing fabric to sell for charity

ann web

Whilst others were busy experimenting with sun dyeing


with some successful results

Monica's ferns

Monica’s ferns

With a focus beyond paint Hilary was absorbed in creating fabric book covers – which looked very nice indeed!


And there was plenty of time to enjoy lunch in the sunshine!

Hillary, Liz, Corinne and Keris

Hillary, Liz, Corinne and Keris

Well done folks -looking forward to next month already.

Sew Happy at Cutting Edge

There was a buzz in the air today as all but 7 Cutting Edge members turned out for another happy sewing day. And, it was evident that the buzz was caused by the frenzy to create!!!!

Jeannie Duncan Farr, who ran the foundation piecing workshop last week, was thrilled when she saw the progress that those who attended had made. Three people had completed their tops since the workshop….

Catherine’s – which looked almost transluscent. Check out her report on making it on her blog

Catherine's table runner

Bridget’s – which she made form her scrap bucket – such wonderful combinations of colour. I think I would like Bridget’s scrap bucket!

Bridgets table runner

And, Lesley’s, which she has made from fussy cutting one piece of fabric- brilliant

Lesleys table runner

Linda showed a table runner that she had made earlier – in time for Christmas. It is from a Sonia Fox workshop that was held at Glamorgan Quilters last year.

Lindas Xmas table runner

Pat had also been busy foundation piecing and showed this beautiful piece that she had made from left over fabric.

Pats quilt

Stephanie had recently been to a block printing workshop and showed off her elephants which are very colourful and no doubt will be further embellished

Stephanies elephants

Irene had made a Debbie Shore bag which is reversible and cute

Irenes bag

Gilly continues to work on her embroidery

Gillys star

And, as if this was not enough Liz Price completed a quilt for her daughter – made from her daughter’s discarded jeans

Liz denim quilt

Catherine, Irene and Fran showed the WW1 quilts they had completed

And Hilary and guest Salinder celebrated their birthdays!

Hilary and salinder cake1

Plus, Hillary Hill was happily waiting to hear of the arrival of her new grandchild, who by the looks of this designer quilt is going to be thoroughly spoilt!

Hillary Hill

Happy Days!

Print Block Madness

group working

At Dyeing to Paint today the focus was on block printing, and as ever, there was no shortage of enthusiasm.

There seemed to be a bit of an obsession with fish to start with …

corinnes work

Keris work

but it wasn’t long before other designs started to emerge.

Fionas printing

Hillary's trees

And, there was even time for a bit of a chat over the ironing!

Corinne ironing

While some were absorbed in their block printing Hilary was quietly sun dyeing her fabric with some spectacular results. Is the group ‘watching paint dry’? or is Hilary demonstrating ‘one she made earlier?’

Hilary outside

…. answers on a postcard please!

And, how lovely that Chris brought her sheep quilt in to show us all before it goes off to Australia.

Chris sheep quilt front

Chris sheep quilt back

Dyeing to Paint – Again!

Members of the the fabric art group get together again on Thursday 5 September in St Hilary Village Hall, Cowbridge, between 10.00am and 4.00pm.

If you would like to develop your interest in fabric painting/dyeing/stencilling/thermofax/block printing etc. come and join us.

We are an informal and friendly group and we welcome anyone with similar interests. For more information email mdennis.wales@gmail.com