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Dreaming of Warmer Summer Days

For a variety of reasons including luxurious holidays to warmer climates, looking after grandchildren and the less fortunate suffering with illness there were only six DtP members present on 1 February.

However, a good day was had by all and it was great to see that the majority of the time was spent on coastal scenes which will no doubt feature in our forthcoming Swansea Festival of Stitch exhibition which is being held at the Tapestri cafe in August

Corinne was busy developing an Arctic background scene for a polar bear and Glynis was in a warmer climate with beach huts and boats….

Whilst at the other end of the world in New Zealand and Australia Keris was keeping an eye out for ideas for both herself and the group. She reported that she has found a seahorse pattern – and some Christmas patterns that might be of interest to the group for a festive members day session later in the year!

And although Hillary wasn’t able to make DtP last week she has been busy making some fabulous sea themed cushions to go with a quilt that she has recently made.

What an industrious crew we all are!

Well done folks – keep up the good work


Creative Stitched Pictures

Today we welcomed Alison Moger to lead us through a workshop to create pictures with scraps of fabric and machine stitch. And inspiration from seeing Alison’s work inspired those attending to produce some wonderful pieces of work which are showcased below….

Carol Evans

Marie Austin

Amanda Randall

Beti Kemp

Jaci McQuillan

Monica Dennis

Liz Price

Carol Bartlett

Chris Dobson

Sally Wood

Nia Richards

Jan Webster

A very enjoyable day which produced pieces of work to be proud of – well done everyone!

Philippines boats are named

Today, we have received photos of the boats that have been purchased from our fundraising events for the Bantayan Back to Sea charity in the Philippines. From our efforts we have raised enough money to buy six boats. And, what is most exciting is that five have been named Cowbridge and one has been named in memory of our dear friend Pam.

baots philippines web

Pictured here are the proud owners of Pam’s boat; Dominador and Lourdes Marande.

Pams boat

Pam’s husband Roger wrote to say: “Isn’t it wonderful to know that this new boat has been named after Pam? It’s lovely, and I think very moving, to see the pictures and kind messages. Hilary and I were saying that we didn’t know Pam had a title before, but she has now!”

Many thanks to Hilary for coordinating the fundraising with the charity in the Philippines and enormous THANK YOU to everyone who has given so generously to help make it happen!

I have just really enjoyed reading the e- mails and looking at the boats and their special importance to the locals . The timing was just right as I had found myself thinking about Pam this morning and the difficult time it must still be for her loved ones. I firmly believe the practical nature of the gift from her friends , in the form of the boat, may bring some comfort and pride to them”. Caroline Neudegg, Cowbridge S’n B

“What a wonderful legacy and how proud she would have been”. Jeannie Hainsworth Lamb

“How very heart-warming and such a wonderful gesture. Yes, Pam will live on in many,many people’s memory”. Pat Pascoe. Cowbridge S’n B

“Absolutely fabulous. I didn’t realize that the money had already gone off and the boat was a reality. Pam was a lady so the title is fair enough”. Isobelle Davis

“Just reading all of that brought tears to my eyes. I think that calling the boat with Pam’s name on it, Lady Pam Stead, is so right, because she was a real lady”. Sandra Ajax

“Many, many thanks for forwarding the email and photos of the “Lady Pam Stead” boat. Sad but lovely at the same time”. Clare Pullon Cowbridge S’n B

So moving ‘The Lady Pam Stead’ – wonderful. This is a pleasure for all of us and a fitting memorial. Sailing in the sun – sure she would have loved that. Sonia Fox

“Thank you Monica for sending that. I have to admit that by the time I finished reading it the tears had come. What a lovely tribute to Pam”. Gwen Jones