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Showing off The Group’s Talent

Today, we spent the day at the Ystradown Village Hall’s 30th anniversary celebrations and showed off the group’s talent by displaying some of the beautiful work that members had offered for sharing. And, what a wonderful display it was too!

There was lots of interest from the people who passed through with some keen to find out more about us by visiting our meetings. We even had children interested and keen to have a go!

Many thanks to those of you who loaned your work. As always, very much appreciated!


Diamond Jubilee Celebrations

Some members of the group have been busy supporting the Jubilee celebrations. Hilary made a staggering 50 metres of bunting, decorated with Welsh flags and union jacks, which has been well used throughout the celebrations. Lakeside Primary School in Cardiff were the first to make use of it to brighten up their celebrations. It then made its way to the St Hilary village celebrations, and finally joined the jubilee tea party which was held in the Duke of Wellington, Cowbridge.  Well done Hilary, you are a star.

On Tuesday 5 June some members of Cutting Edge supported the Cowbridge celebrations by having a stall in the Holy Cross Church to show cases some of the crafts that are produced by the group.