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Crazy Patchwork Creations

Today was the day that some of the members of the group went crazy patchworking with Robi Thomas

There were a variety of things being made – needlecases, sewing bags and cushion covers and some fabulous colour combinations

Corinne was busy with turquise and red….

whilst Keris had started her piece of work off with a lovely Indian fabric and was using some of her batiks for contrast.

Jaci was using brightly coloured batiks for her needlecase

And Mary had chosen some lovely autumn colours for her piece of work

Jan and Caroline were in a blue mood

Kerry was using a brilliant combination of modern fabrics for her cushion cover

whilst Maggie’s cushion cover was being created with vintage fabrics

Sally was busy using lace and fabric which belonged to her grandmother – she plans to make a cushion for her mother’s bed. This photo certainly doesn’t do Sally’s work justice

As well as teaching Robi was also helping to put the eyelets in fabric journals that had recently been made at one of her workshops

And she was very impressed with the ‘bloody good’ case that we have for the eyelet machine!

Finished pieces of work

Corinne has completed her little needle case – and very nice it looks too!


Sea Fabric and Paint it!

We weren’t sure whether it was the weather or whether a couple of people had missed recent sessions that today’s session was so frantic. There was queue to try the ice-dyeing

and coating wet painted fabric with salt….

Chris used her piece of salt dyed fabric and stamped sea horses and starfish on it and she mopped up her excess paint to add another interesting piece of fabric to her stash.

She also brought along a pheasant that she is painting onto fabric for the centre piece of a cushion.

Monica tried sun dyeing with polystyrene net from around fruit, which worked well

And she showed a jelly fish that she had been working on…

The fabric is hand dyed and the scan and cut machine had been used to make the jelly fish stencil.

Corinne showed a heron that she had painted with inktense pencils

And Hillary had been busy turning some of her painted fabric into wonderful works of art….

Hillary’s Chives

Hillary’s embroidery

Caroline produced some brilliant pieces of fabric splattered with paint – great for a grafitti wall hanging maybe?

Keris added beach huts to a piece of fabric that she had previously created

She also tried out painting flower heads with a toilet roll…

and created this wonderful piece of fabric from mopping up excess paint

Her love of painting didn’t end there. She took her new knowledge home and shared it with her grandchildren. Here they are painting with toilet rollsto create some wonderful works of art! The new generation of Dyeing to Paint maybe?

Lastly, this piece of fabric was produced from mopping up stray bits of procion powder from the ice dyeing

As always a very enjoyable day with some wonderful creations produced by chance or design!

Ice Dye results

Monica Dennis

A happy accident with black

Jan Webster

Caroline Neudegg

Another Busy Day at Cutting Edge!

Another wonderful day at Cutting Edge! As ever members were on a mission to start a new project or complete something they had begun earlier.

Chris Dobson was making a pebble cushion

similar to one she had made earlier….

Chris had also made two beautiful sea side themed cushions. The centre pieces were stencilled at a Dyeing to Paint session.

Caroline was busy cutting a Welsh lady out to applique onto a cushion – and was using one of Chris’ cushions to work out the size

Marie was busy putting a quilt together …

and finding the time to have a well earned chat with Hillary

Lesley was engrossed in cutting out a flying geese border for a table runner

Sue Thomas was finishing off a quilt and showed a beautiful dragonfly quilt that she has recently completed

Sylvana was in the process of binding a cute owl quilt which is a hoot!

Jane was also making a children’s quilt with novelty fabric

Liz showed a cushion that she had made. The Dragon was cut out on the scan and cut machine and then appliqued to the fabric

And Gilly modelled a Japanese Folded apron that she had made with a Janet Clare pattern

Monica showed some crazy patchwork that she had done at a recent workshop in Swansea

And she had also made a crazy patchwork cushion with silk fabrics

and a pineapple cushion from a panel that she had stencilled and painted at Dyeing to Paint

What a very talented group of people – well done everyone!

Getting Ready for the Festive Season

At this month’s Cutting Edge session a number of members were busy making a Christmas tree wall hanging ready to hang over the festive season. And whilst everyone was using the same pattern they were all looking very different.

Hillary had reshaped hers from a long rectangle to a square which looked very effective.


Sandra had used green silk and was at the stage of adding her gold diamante which she discovered was quite challenging – and frustating at times – but she persevered and it looks stunning


Chris was busy sewing down the farbric swirls on her tree ….

Chris and Keris

Chris and Keris

and Liz was adding the diamante


Lesley was a little frustrated that her bondaweb wouldn’t adhere to her fabric – but kept smiling!


By the end of the day there were a few completed trees – fabulous


And, whilst Dilys wasn’t able to join us today she was busy at home completing her tree!


We wish Dilys a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing her at the next meeting

Whilst some were busy ‘doing trees’ others were busy sewing and catching up on the gossip



And, as usual there were some wonderful pieces of work to share at show and tell

Chris had made some fun cushions for grand children using fabric that she had painted at Dyeing to Paint. It was great to see the hand painted fabric being used.


Corinne shared a beautiful embroidered wreath that she had completed


Helen had been to France on a Sheena Norquay course and showed the pieces that she had made there


And Hilary showed everyone a little angel that she had made.


We were pleased to welcome Marie Austin as a new member of the group. Marie was busy making a quilt for her sister.


As ever, a productive day and we look forward to seeing more of the Christmas wallhangings completed in the weeks to come.

P.S Hillary has finished her tree – it looks amazing!


Run up to Christmas

As usual Cutting Edge was a hive of activity today with members busy sewing and crafting ready for Christmas. And, after morning prayers there were some lovely pieces of work that members were eager to show.

Fran brought a quilt that she has recently completed

Frans quilt

Lesley Anne showed a beautiful small quilt that she had made at a strippy landscape workshop – Lesley is somewhere behind her work!

Lesley Ann Bealey

And Catherine was finishing off a quilt that she had made with Japanese fabric

Catherines quilt

Hilary showed a cushion that she has completed ready for the Christmas fundraising sale on 28 November in Cowbridge

Hilarys cushion

liz Price had also been busy making some beautiful decorations for the sale

Liz dolls

Monica showed cards that she had made with fabric that had been printed at last weeks Dyeing to Paint session and which will be on sale at the November fundraising event

md cards

Guest Salinder brought along a large and small quilt that she has recently completed

Salinders big quilt

Salinders small quilt

It was also good to know that when CE members go away they are thinking about us. Lesley Halliwell has gone to visit relatives in New Zealand and emailed earlier today to let us know that she was thinking about us. She told us that she had been to a quilt exhibtion which seemed to be deserted!

NZ quilt show nov 2015

And she sent a photo of a beautiful war quilt that she came across and seemed to have won a prize – don’t worry folks we aren’t awarding rosettes for our quilts unless someone wants to offer to make some!

NZ war quilt

Lesley also informed us it was hot, hot, hot over there – thanks Lesley!!!!!

As usual, lots of fun and a great reminde ro fthe wealth of talent in the group – well done folks!

Scan ‘n Cut Experimentation Day

Today a small group of Cutting Edge members got together to further their knowledge of the Scan ‘n Cut machine. Corinne had been busy over the summer reading and trying out to get the hang of things and was a great help to other members of the group. Jan was also a valuable source of knowledge when it came to helping individuals with their various projects.


Caroline cut some lovely flowers for a pinafore that she is making for her grand daughter and Liz cut a perfect dragon for a cushion.

Liz Dragon

Liz also got help cutting some poppies for the WW1 quilt project. The plan is to further enhance the quilts when they are exhibited by scattering felt poppies. A lovely idea and we hope that CE members will help Liz to complete more of them at the next meeting.


Monica cut letters for a cushion that she is planning. But, decided that black might be better than the original cream letters.


And, whilst everyome was busy scan ‘n cutting Hilary was busy sorting through fabric for the stash sale on 13 October (the next CE meeting).


A busy, but rewarding day!

Many thanks to Corinne and Jan for sharing their knowledge – much appreciated.

And, many thanks to Liz for her poppies – a lovely idea – once again, much appreciated!

A varied but enjoyable Dyeing to Paint session

Today’s Dyeing to Paint session got off to a great start with the screen printing materials that we brought along….

isobelle screen printing

but it didn’t take long before the Scan ‘n Cut machine attracted people’s interest and the rest of the day.

Isobelle and Monica shared what they had learned so far.

scan and cut

And, it didn’t take long for people to realise the potential for future projects.


We can’t wait to see the wonderful creations that appear once everyone gets into the swing of things!

And, last but not least Fiona brought along a cushion that she had been working on – beautiful embroidery and exquisitely finished off!

fionas cushion