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By The Sea Fabric Painting

A loose theme for today’s Dyeing to Paint session was to create something focused on the Seaside. But as ever, it was not obligatory and the results of the day were varied, interesting and creative.

After arriving keen to create shells, lobsters and crabs in textile paints Monica started the day by stencilling an elephant on some ice dyed fabric. The stencil was so irresistable it just had to be done!

She did focus on stencilling shells before being distracted once again by a hen stencil! So many goodies it is hard to resist.

Glynis also created hens.

Corinne brought along a couple of pieces of work in progress…..

Salinder was on a fishy mission as well!

Isobelle block printed a lovely sea horse – lots of sewing potential!

Whilst Hillary patiently cut freezer paper to make beach brolly stencils. So looking forward to seeing how it progresses onto the wonderful piece of fabric that she has painted.

Fiona experimented with a few different things – even snowflakes for Christmas!

And finally, we had another session ice dyeing – looking forward to seeing the results folks.

As always a lovely varied and creative day with lots of pieces of work begging to be developed! Well done averyone and thanks to everyone for sharing their resources.

17 June 2017

Corinne’s Ice Dteing


A Frenzy of a Paint Day!

As ever, after the usual catch up over coffee, there was a great flurry of activity to create and experiment with various paint mediums.

At last month’s meeting there was a suggestion that some might like to create some folk art. Monica had downloaded some images and made stencils with freezer paper and Jan didn’t hesitate to get stuck in to have a go with great results


We look forward to seeing her beautiful image as a finished piece of work.

Ann was busy stencilling a delicate design on some fabric that she had dyed


and helped Salinder with her fabric dyeing


Chris was busy developing on a sea theme – and created these beautiful images after making stencils from freezer paper and colouring with markel sticks


Caroline busied herself experimenting with inktense sticks creating a lovely piece of fabric


And even had time to chat with Fiona who was taking a break from fabric dyeing and stencilling


At the end of the day Fiona had produced a wonderful image with fabric dye and markel sticks


Keris was busy embellishing a book cover ready for her next trip abroad – and very nice it looks too!


And Isobelle brought along a beautiful autumnal wall hanging that she had made using transfer art paints


Yet another action packed day – looking forward to next month already!

Dyeing to Paint in the Sun

This month a small but perfectly formed group gathered to paint. The sun was shining and with some new tools acquired from the Hilary Beattie workshop a good day was had by all.

Keris and Corinne had a go with the rollergraph and were pleased with the borders that they were able to create.

Keris and Corinne web

border web

And Chris had a go with stencils …..

Chris web

as did everyone else!!!

flowers web

There was even discussion around turning experimental pieces into collage pieces so watch this space!!!!

Gilda Baron and Other Things

Today the Dyeing to Paint group looked at the work of Gilda Baron which is amazing – she makes it looks so simple!

Feeling confident that we could produce something in the same vein we got cracking with our fabric paints before moving on to experiment with some new Inktense crayons. The inktense crayons gave a lovely vivid effect for the background and further enhanced with a little machine and hand embroidery should look very effective.

Inktense websize

Distracted as some of us (mainly Monica) are we also took the opportunity to dye some lace for another project that we came across in a magazine and then Hilary decided to paint some zips she has been given. She plans to use them when making pencil cases so coloured zips would look much better than plain old white – what a brilliant idea!

Pam then moved everyone on to have a go at painting with shaving foam.

shaving foam

And, hey presto – a bit of modern art!

shaving foam painting

Pam was keen to point out that you must use the cheapest shaving foam because the fragranced ‘posh’ stuff doesn’t dry properly.

A fun day with lots of half finished projects to work on – a good job it is Cutting Edge next Tuesday!

Dyeing to Paint Session

It’s that time again – Thursday 6 February is when we meet up for our day of experimenting with fabric paints, print blocks, stencils etc. This month we are going to explore Shibori and in addition have a play with the Sissix machine and die cuts. This came about because we were discussing what to do with our Christmas cards and there was a suggestion that we could do a bit of recycling.

As usual, we meet at St Hilary Village Hall between 10.00am and 4.00pm. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be available but you need to remember to bring lunch with you. Looking forward to seeing you.

Dyeing in the Heat!

On a hot and sunny day the painting group met again to explore more techniques in painting fabrics. A suggestion was made to experiment with mono-printing and using transfer paints to transfer art work from paper to fabric.

So, as well as having fun and enjoying a good gossip we managed to create some brilliant pieces of work.

Fran led the way with the mono – printing, making sure that everyone acknowledged that they would need to iron their fabric before getting engrossed in the process.

She produced a lovely iris, which we are sure Fran will turn into something amazing when she has worked her sewing machine magic on it!

Frans flower

We couldn’t understand why Fiona had an empty wine bottle with her. She had either drunk the wine on the way – and she did mention that she had trouble remembering where we were meeting – or she had a plan. Fortunatley, it was the latter! The wine label had a hen on it and Fiona was on a mission to re-produce it on her fabric, which she did – and it looked amazing!

Fiona's chicken

Irene, who said that she was ‘new to all this’, produced a lovely flower and went on to experiment with different textures throughout the day. With her practical hat on she also created a lovely drying facility on the wall outside the hall.


As you have probably noticed there is a floral theme going on – mainly because Fran brought in some excellent books to work from.

This is one that Frances created

Frnaces flowers_edited-1

And this is Monica’s piece of floral art work

Monica;s flowers

Having exhausted the flowers and mono printing some moved on to experimenting with the transfer paints

Monica used them for the background and then emphasised the shapes and added colour using fabric crayons

Monica's paitning

And, Isobelle did a background on satin fabric and then overlaid with a wooden print block

Irene's writing

All in all, a productive day and lots of enthusiasm and ideas for next month.