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Presentation to Lakeside School

Thursday 8 November was quite a special day because it was the day we presented the 50th anniversary wall hanging to Lakeside School.

First of all we reminded the children of how the project got underway, rolling out the paper template that was prepared and first shown to the children in March.

paper version1

Then the big moment – the finished article!

presenting the wall hanging1

It was lovely to see the reaction from the children – lots of oohs and aahs and pointing out the bits that they had been involved in making.

Ths school council was then enlisted to run a competition – the children were invited to count or guess how many dragonflies were on the wall hanging.

school council1

We then took part in the school’s Christmas Craft Market to raise some more money for the school children in Lesotho, South Africa.


And we were thrilled when we realised that we had raised £150! Adding that to the money that we raised with an afternoon tea in September and numerous individual donations the total raised is now around £900!

We all agreed that we had a lovely day, made very welcome by everyone, treated to a lovely lunch and the whole day was finished off with a yummy supper, courtesy of Monica’s husband!


Click here to view a You Tube video about the wall hanging

You can also view Lakeside PS scrapbook that documents the making of the wall hanging


Lakeside Primary School Wall Hanging is Progressing Well

Today, the Lakeside Primary school’s 50th anniversary wall hanging moved another step towards being completed, thanks to a great group of friends.

With adult help the children completed the decade panels before the end of the summer term – which meant that the wall hanging could start to be assembled.

Thanks to Hilary, who is very organised and had a plan, everyone got going on the various sections.

Monica and Clare started to assemble the community panels for the top of the quilt and soon drew Jess in – who is a bit of an artist- to help with the task. Jackie kept an eye on things for quality assurance of course!

Jackie and Jess

Clare painted some fab music notes with glitter glue and then realised she had to dry them – which was a bit tedious but she smiled all the way through – so that was ok!

Clare with hairdryer

And before long, as if by magic, the community panels were complete!

Lesotho community panel

Hilary had already done a great deal of work on the central panel so Isobelle got to work adding the sashing.

Isobel with front panel

And, it wasn’t long before that was completed!

completed middle panel

The decade panels were grouped into three and sewn together and then the hand print panes added to the bottom. It is suddenly all coming togather – so exciting!

Hilary and Isobelle with hand panel

Clare and Pam with hands panel

And still everyone carried on to get as much done as possible. Caroline and Jackie cut out backing for the community panels

Caroline and Jackie

And, Caroline, amongst others, was enlisted to do a bit of hand sewing

Caroline sewing

All in all, a very productive day. Everyone should be feeling very proud! Well done guys – you are stars amongst stars!

Dragonfly Epidemic!

The Lakeside Primary School wall hanging continues to progress whilst everyone is enjoying a hard earned summer break from school.

All the panels have been cropped ready to assemble and the central panel has been adorned with dragonflies and how pretty it looks – well done Hilary.

central panel with dragonflies

We will keep you posted on further progress so keep checking back for new postings!

Dragonflies Galore!

Having finished creating the six decade panels with the children for Lakeside Primary School we have been getting on with finishing flourishes – one of which- is to be to enhance the finished product with dragonflies.

Two of our group have been patiently cutting some out from colourful fabrics.


Many thanks guys and to the kind person who donated the fabric!

Lakeside School Celebratory Panels Completed

Last week we visited Lakeside Primary School to work with children in Year 2 and 4 to create panels that depicted the 1960s and the 1980s.

Year 2 did the swinging 1960s
1960 panel

And, year 4 did the 1980s
1990 panel

This week we worked with the year 1 children to create a panel that depicted the 1970s. They coloured

and really enjoyed ironing the finished coloured pieces onto the panel


This little student is obviously very creative with her daisy chain hairband!

daisy chain

And the children were extremely pleased with the finished product!


Two Down – Four to Go

We have six decade panels to make for Lakeside Primary Schools 50th Anniversary wall-hanging. Today we made great progress in putting the 2nd one together with Year 3 pupils who did a great job colouring in the images and sewing on buttons and beads to embellish some of the objects they had chosen to signify the 1990s.

Great concentration to colour in!

colouring in close up

Patience sewing!

Jess with pupil sewing

When all the hard work was done the children were shown how to heat the coloured images with the iron to seal the colours. Some of the images were then ironed in place so that the children could start to see how their panel would look when it was finished.

Pupil ironing 1

Nearly there!


Lakeside School Project – Stage 3

Lakeside Schools 50th anniversary wall hanging is progressing well. The centre panel containing the anniversary logo now has all the text fixed in place.

anniversay logo detail

And the reception classes have made their contribution by hand printing on fabric.

Today, we have started on the decade panels and year 6 have been busy constructing their panel which documents key events from the current decade.

From rough drafts drawn up by the pupils the focus was on the London 2012 Olympics, the Queens Jubilee and the Royal Wedding.

The pupils involved were initially keen to trace their pictures onto fabric and thought it was a great idea to use the light from the windows!

tracing images

They then coloured their images with fabric crayons and pens. Colours used for Wenlock reflected the colours that games makers wore during the Olympics and Clare was on hand modelling her games makers outfit to help the process!


Claire and caroline

And, there was some careful sewing to make sure that Wenlock’s Olympic flame stayed in place!


Pam did a brilliant job helping with the making of Olympic medals

Pam doing medals

And Clare donated one of her Olympic badges!

Olympic badge

Everyone did such a good job that it wasn’t too long before the panel could be put together. A spot of ironing to hold things in place.

MD and pupil ironing

By the end of the afternoon the main parts were assembled making a very colourful panel, which we are sure will be much admired in the future.

finished panel