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A Mix of Activity

Today’s Dyeing to Paint was, as ever busy with a variety of resources being used to try out new techniques.

Isobelle was experimenting with her gelli plate

and Glynis was creating a sunny picture – love the figures Glynis!

Others tried out the new Thermofax screen to create shell images

And there were some beautiful sea landscapes created

Meanwhile, Sally was getting ahead of herself ready for Christmas!

and Liz and Corinne were busy getting the Bosal ready for next weeks members day

Another happy day in the land of creativity. Well done folks!


New Toys to Paint With!

There is always something new to play with at Dyeing to Paint and today’s session was no exception. There were new Gelli plates, Pebeo paints and stencils which soon got snapped up by members of the group.

Jan was thrilled with the new Indian stencil and once she had mastered the application of the paints there was no stopping her!

Keris was also engrossed with the indian stencil and plans to use some her prints for a book cover that she is making.

Liz, Chris and Caroline were engrossed in making a daisy book wrap using the knowledge they had gained at the recent Angie Hughes workshop. There was a lot of muttering going on along the way though as no-one seemed to be able to remember how to apply the paint-but they were coming along nicely by the end of the day.

Fiona has moved swiftly from summer to Christmas. She cut the stencil for the green Christmas trees by hand and the snowflakes are printed from a stencil made on the scan ‘n cut machine.

The scan ‘n cut machine in recent months has been a bit of a nightmare, one way or another but today Monica, Corinne and Isobelle were thrilled that they were able to cut stamps from funky foam and stencils with mylar stencil sheets. The machine worked like a dream – probably something to do with the fact that Corinne has updated it and bought a new power lead. Fingers crossed that we won’t be disappointed next time.

Isobelle managed to try out one of the stencils on her gelli plate …

and created these wonderful prints with a potato masher and builders adhesive stickers!

Fran was busy dyeing and printing some wonderful pieces of fabric and she also brought her finished Daisy Book Wrap along to show the group. The centre image below is Frans fabric that she uses to soak up paint when she is working – how amazing – and colourful!

Corinne brought along a fabric mosaic picture that she has created which is beautiful

And Monica was seeking advice over a wallhanging that is work in progress. Thanks guys for all the useful comments!

We even managed to spare a little time to learn how to make fabric beads!

All in all, a great day of experimentation and innovation by a very talented group of people!

Autumn Has Arrived!

Today’s DtP was, as always, busy, busy, busy and there was a distinct impression that summer has faded into the distant past with the introduction of painted autumn leaves….

There was also lots of stencil work – probably as a result of the new stencils recently purchased at the NEC….

and rumour has it that the new paints went down well. Sorry to have missed such a productive day and look forward to returning to the fray next month

Well done to everyone and many thanks to Caroline for the photos.

Ice and a Slice!

At today’s Dyeing to Paint session we tried out ice dyeing – a simple process that requires fabric, Procion dies, soda solution and ice – not any old ice mind you – we used M&S ice cubes!

Ice Dyeing


Glynis then introduced us to painting with a toilet roll which produced some lovely images of aganpanthus or alliums – whatever takes your fancy.

Hillary Hill

Liz Price

…..and cotton wool buds to paint lovely wisteria flowers

And, if that wasn’t enough there was a flurry of activity to dye fabric with Indian Inks

Hillary Hill making waves

Isobelle was busy lino cutting

<img src="https://cuttingedgetextiles.files.wordpress.com/2017/05/id-lino-cuttingweb.jpg" alt="" width="433" height="336" class="alignnone size-full wp-image-3544" /

And Monica was block printing with a new pineapple print block

Another busy and enjoyable day with friends – always a pleasure!

Post script:

Corinne Roberts

Hillary Hill

Liz Price

Vale Fairy Shoe Shop Open For Business?

Today, some apprentice fairy shoe cobblers met at Bonvilston Reading Rooms to try their hand at making little fairy shoes for the fairies at the bottom of their gardens.

Good friend Sonia, who is the fount of all knowledge on all things fairy shoes guided everyone through the day and would be cobblers took initial inspiration from the wonderful tree of fairy shoes that she had made.

Sonias tree

To kick things off Sonia explained the process using felt and fabric bonded together for a firm shoe. Then, it was a free for all with some keeping it simple whilst others experimented with organza and gold fabric on the outer and inner parts of their shoes.

Liz shoe

Yvonnes shoes

Corinnes shoeo

HC shoe

MD shoe

Isobelle managed to sneak in a bit of painting and glitter work which looked very effective.

Isobels shoe

And Hillary went with a Christmas theme and was thrilled that she had created a shiny bottom!

Hillary hill shoes

Chris was quietly creating and then became concerned about the size she had made and whether they would fit? If she meant on her own foot then she is way off beam!!

C Dobson foot

If Sonia was thinking that the day would be a breeze then she totally miscalculated and was soon off to create some fabric for her own pair of fairy shoes – which was delightful and seemed so easy???

Sonias fabric

She then went on and used the fabric to make this delightful pair of fairy shoes.

Sonias shoesa

It was great fun with lots of banter and laughter – particularly when Monica expressed disappointment at not being able to complete 4 pairs as planned. As it turned out she only completed one shoe and decided that she might have to look for a one legged fairy!

fiary shoe selection

Corinne and Keris shoe

Hilary’s completed shoes

Hilarys shoes

Many thanks to Sonia – who has the patience and good humour of a saint. We all throughly enjoyed ourselves and went home committed to finishing off our shoes for the benefit of the Vale of Glamorgan fairy community!