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Sea Fabric and Paint it!

We weren’t sure whether it was the weather or whether a couple of people had missed recent sessions that today’s session was so frantic. There was queue to try the ice-dyeing

and coating wet painted fabric with salt….

Chris used her piece of salt dyed fabric and stamped sea horses and starfish on it and she mopped up her excess paint to add another interesting piece of fabric to her stash.

She also brought along a pheasant that she is painting onto fabric for the centre piece of a cushion.

Monica tried sun dyeing with polystyrene net from around fruit, which worked well

And she showed a jelly fish that she had been working on…

The fabric is hand dyed and the scan and cut machine had been used to make the jelly fish stencil.

Corinne showed a heron that she had painted with inktense pencils

And Hillary had been busy turning some of her painted fabric into wonderful works of art….

Hillary’s Chives

Hillary’s embroidery

Caroline produced some brilliant pieces of fabric splattered with paint – great for a grafitti wall hanging maybe?

Keris added beach huts to a piece of fabric that she had previously created

She also tried out painting flower heads with a toilet roll…

and created this wonderful piece of fabric from mopping up excess paint

Her love of painting didn’t end there. She took her new knowledge home and shared it with her grandchildren. Here they are painting with toilet rollsto create some wonderful works of art! The new generation of Dyeing to Paint maybe?

Lastly, this piece of fabric was produced from mopping up stray bits of procion powder from the ice dyeing

As always a very enjoyable day with some wonderful creations produced by chance or design!

Ice Dye results

Monica Dennis

A happy accident with black

Jan Webster

Caroline Neudegg


On a Mission to Paint!

Spring was in the air today which seemed to inspire everyone to get going with their painting projects.

We welcomed Marie and Carol for the first time and were pleased to see that they were enjoying the experience. After trying out fabric dyeing they settled down with Hillary to experiment with the markel sticks

Carol, Hillary and Marie

Carol, Hillary and Marie

Carol's stencilling

Carol’s stencilling

Marie's stencilling

Marie’s stencilling

Hillary Hill

Hillary Hill

We also welcomed another new recruit – our youngest ever – 2 year old Lydia is an artist in the making!


Salinder was busy colouring fabric ready to create a landscape and also created a wonderful image with a stencil


Corinne created a beautiful image that she plans to turn into a picture for a newly decorated bedroom


Glynis beavered away in the corner and produced a wonderful fish designed fabric


Chris used transfer art paints to create a lobster which we suspect will feature in her new holiday home.

Chris Dobson

Chris Dobson

Isobelle showed a book that she had created after following a Linda Kemshall tutorial


Jan produced a beautiful delicate elephant print

Jan Webster

Jan Webster

Fiona brought some pieces of work that she had machine embroidered – which were delightful.

Fiona Brook

Fiona Brook

And she painted a new piece that no doubt wll be worked on further


Monica brought along a border that she had machined embroidered onto hand dyed fabric.

Monica Dennis

Monica Dennis

She also showed a book cover that she had made by upcycling an antimacasser which had been hand dyed with procion dyes and embroidered with daffodils – very apt for St David’s Day yesterday!


Monica was also focused on painting pineapples. She used the Scan and Cut machine to make a stencil and then used markel sticks to transfer the image onto fabric


As ever a very productive day – well done everyone!


News From Kiwi Land

Kia Ora (hello) folks

I am sitting in the airport lounge at New Zealand airport waiting to fly out to Manila via Hong Kong. It is a bit of a long wait (and a long flight!) as the flight doesn’t leave until 23.50 hours so I thought I would send you some highlights of my trip. Don’t worry it is the fabric side of things that I thought would interest you most so only a snippet of the trip and photos, which to date number 282!!!

Whilst in NZ I managed to peruse four fabric shops – though I did come across quite a few more. Much as I would have loved to try them all I was conscious that my hubby’s patience might run a bit thin. He was terribly patient!

Anyway, the first shop was a lovely little place called the Apple Basket on State Highway One, Kaiwaka.

Apple Basket Quilt shop

Apple Basket Quilt shop

We came across it by chance as we were coming into Auckland on our return from the north of the island. A wonderful find as the owner and her daughter had designed some lovely wall hangings.

I bought the pattern for the Christmas tree and thought it might be something we could make together later in the year.

Chrismas wallhanging

Chrismas wallhanging

The second shop I came across was in Hamilton. It was called Grandother’s Garden.

Grandmas garden web

A great find where I picked up even more fabric and a scrap bag – like I need one like a hole in the head!

Anyway, it has been there since 1985 when the owner returned from the States and having enjoyed patchwork and quilting there decided to open the shop. The great thing about it was that there was a lovely garden chair outside in the sun – the man chair – and the offer of scones, jam and cream to occupy him whilst I perused the wonderful array of fabrics and quilts!

Grandother's Garden - the man chair!

Grandother’s Garden – the man chair!

The third shop was on a busy main road between Wellington and Taupo. It was called the Krazy Cow –an odd name for a patchwork and quilting shop but full of lovely fabrics. The owner also had a long arm quilt machine and scan and cut machine to keep her amused.

Krazy cow patchwprk web_edited-1

There was also a beautiful Anzac (Remembrance day) quilt on the wall which captured a number of family members who had fought in the two world wars.

Anzac quilt

Anzac quilt

And this lovley quilt made from NZ fabrics

Quilt crazy cow

The last shop I managed to escape into was Cushla’s Village Fabrics in Devonport. Very friendly and helpful with fabric choices. She also seemed to be doing good trade with people coming off the cruise ships docked in Auckland harbour.

All in all, a very fruitful trip and enough fabrics to make a quilt – now there’s a challenge!

And, in between all of the above I came across some amazing crafts

Maori wood carving at the Herenga Waka festival

Maori woodcarving1

Mauri woodcarving

And hand spun wool in a quirky little café that we passed

Dc3 cafe web

Weaving dc3

And, that is only a fraction of the wonderful time we have experienced in North Island, New Zealand
Looking forward to seeing you all soon

Another Lively Day

As ever there was no shortage of enthusiasm at the April Cutting Edge meeting. Everyone was very industrious and engrossed in various projects.

Beryl Diane and Liz

Irene and Fiona

Gilly and Pat showed hand quilted projects that they had recently completed. Pat did hers whilst flying to Australia.

Gillys quilt

Pats quilt

Hexagons seem to be in vogue at the moment. Dilys and Jeannie were busy working on quilts that they are making.

Dilys quilt

JHL quilt

As well as having been busy with her new Scan and Cut machine, and making a cover for it Jan showed everyone a lovely quilt that she had made. Below is a small section of it.

Jans quilt

And Julia was just finishing the binding on a beautiful quilt that she has made from batik fabrics.

Julias quilt

Pat was asking members for advice on what she should back her hexagon quilt with.

Pats hexagon quilt

Members who were at the fairy shoe workshop brought along the little shoes that they had made to show to the rest of the group.

CE day shoes

Discussion took place about the World War 1 commemorative quilt and Catherine showed the one that she is submitting. No pressure on the rest of the group to get going!

Catherine's poppies

In the afternoon some members had a go at bonding foils, glitter and sequins onto velvet and it didn’t take long before they were hooked! Some lovely pieces were produced. No excuse now for not practising the free machine embroidery on them.

foiling 2