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Creative Stitched Pictures

Today we welcomed Alison Moger to lead us through a workshop to create pictures with scraps of fabric and machine stitch. And inspiration from seeing Alison’s work inspired those attending to produce some wonderful pieces of work which are showcased below….

Carol Evans

Marie Austin

Amanda Randall

Beti Kemp

Jaci McQuillan

Monica Dennis

Liz Price

Carol Bartlett

Chris Dobson

Sally Wood

Nia Richards

Jan Webster

A very enjoyable day which produced pieces of work to be proud of – well done everyone!


Fabric Landscapes a Hit!

It might be the summer break but some of us just couldn’t resist spending a day making fabric landscapes under the expert guidance of Hilary Carney. And, what a fun and productive day it was too.

After a short introduction heads were down and everyone was off to a flying start…..

group in room web

And, in spite of the few hiccups with vital equipment like extension leads, threads and even lunch left behind (left on the drive at home?) everyone managed to priduce some stunning pieces of work.

A Tuscan landscape in the making from Keris

Keris with pic web

Keris pic web

Corinnes beautiful shaded mountains

Corinnes pic web

A delicate touch from Fiona

Fiona pic2 web

Caroline’s very first attenpt at this kind of thing – I think she has been secretly practising to to produce such a wonderful piece of work.

Carolines pictire web

And Stephanie has some interesting colours in her landscape. Can’t wait to see the finished piece

steph pic web

Stephanie sewing web

Monica based her piece of work on a photgraph of Loch Maree in Scotland….

MD pic web

Enid’s picture is of a view through a cave.

Enids pic web

Jan based her landscape on a view of Ogmore by Sea where she lives – love the sheep and segulls Jan

JAns landscape web

And Catherine’s was doing some amazing stitching on her landscape which will certainly enhance her finished piece

Cath pic web

The next challenge for those who are up for it is to create a fabric map of Wales….

wales map web_edited-1

No pressure girls!!!

Hilary and Fiona

A great day. many thanks to Hilary for doing such a wonderful job. Looking forward to seeing some fab finished pieces of work soon.

Finished work

Corinne Roberts

Corinne finished

Monica Dennis

MD finished

Keris Howard

Keris landscape

Painting on a Rainy Day

Today our small but perfectly formed group met to enjoy another day of painting on fabric and creating which was great fun.

Marjorie was busy making Dorset Buttons.

Majorie dorset Buttin Holes

What are those you may well ask? Well, the Dorset button originates from 18th century Dorset. Originally, they were made on a disc cut from the horn of a Dorset Horn sheep, which was covered with needle-worked thread. Later, however, button makers began using metal rings as the basis for them.

Marjorie has been using a variety of threads and rings (one of which was an earring) and they look stunning.


Click here to access instructions to make them!

Whilst Marjorie was quietly concentrating on her task others dug out their paints, print blocks and stencils to fuel their creative juices.

Pam was on a mission to create colourful backgrounds – we will have to watch this space to see how they develop.

painted backgrounds

This is a brilliant piece with ghost dragonflies and butterflies

Pams painting work

And this design fabric was created after having used the fabric as a cleaning up cloth – looks amazing!

Pam 2

Monica was on a mission trying out Indian print blocks and stencils.

MD stencils

And using a variety of ways of printing swallows. These were created by cutting the shapes out from freezer paper

two birds

This one was created by colouring an image on paper with transfer art paint and then ironing it on to fabric. The tattoo design will be sharpened by using a waterproof ink pen.


As it was raining quite heavily the fabric had to be dried inside. Frances and Glynis used the hairdryer – we weren’t aware that there were varying techniques for the job – but we do now!

Fran hairdryer


All in all a good day was had by all – and when it was time to go home – the sun was shining!