2018 Remembrance Day

It is great to see that Cutting Edge is still having an impact on Rememberance Day Commemorations……

Our Dyeing to Paint group, that meets in St Hilary Village hall, took time out today (1 November) to view the village telephone box which some of them had had a hand in creating. The felt poppies cascading down the box were ones that had been made for our WW1 quilt project and Monica combined it with information about the men who lost their lives, those who returned and details of the house in the village that was used as a Red Cross Auxiliary Hospital.

And, as we had a lot of felt poppies left over from the WW1 project (around 200) we donated them to Cowbridge Town Hall. They now feature in the beautiful display that is currently around the from door of the building/

In addition to all of the above a few members of Cutting Edge (Liz Price, Isobelle Davis, Corinne Roberts, Chris Dobson, Jan Webster and Monica Dennis) were also instrumental in the creation of the Cowbridge Community Commemorative Quilt that went on display yesterday in Ty Hafan shop window following an unveiling in the Lesser Hall on 30 October.

We were grateul to the Mayor Terry Williams and his wife Jane gave their support for the duration of the afternoon.

What a great legacy we are leaving behind folks – well done and thank you!


“What a lovely job of using the Telephone Kiosk to mark the WW1 Centenary. I think that was a very inspired and brilliant idea”! Jackie Griffin, Llanfair Community Council

The phone box is looking spectacular with its poppy display and the stories of those whom we are remembering. Thank you for your inspired idea and all your hard work“. Gill Clay, Coed Hills

Thank you so much for turning the telephone box into such a thought provoking and evocative memorial. Beautifully done” Ewa Thomas, St Hilary

Wonderful that those who returned from the war have been acknowledged as well as those who lost their lives”

The quilt is exquisitely made, and deserves to be shown for ever”. Ros Morgan, Port Talbot Quilters

I was very impressed both with the quilt which is absolutely stunning. I was and am proud to be involved in my small way. I think the Quilt is truly beautiful and couldn’t be more perfect or fitting” Jackie Griffin, Llanfair Community Council

We had a lovely day and your quilt was one of the highlights. The amount of work involved. Both in the planning and execution is a credit to the names on there. Look forward to seeing what you are planning next“. Judith Dursley Port Talbot Quilters